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Be Purpose Driven

Be Purpose Driven

Good Morning Brilliant and Excellent People,

I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals and fulfilling your Purpose.

What does it mean to be purpose driven?

It means to be moved by something so strong it forms the core of your life, everything else, education, marriage, relationships, and even finances all move to the rhythm of this strong force called purpose.

“When the purpose for existing becomes big enough, there is no competition! You can change the rules of the game by lifting the purpose of existence to new heights. When you change the rules of the game, you then can invite others to play with you.” (

5 Steps To Living A Purpose Driven Life

Success comes from giving meaning to your life and your actions. “By success I don’t mean anything related to money, power or status. What I mean by successful is an act or person that is aligned with pursuing one’s highest possible potential. If you achieve that kind of success, the money, power and status is more likely to follow.” (

So, what are the steps to living a purpose driven life that ensures success?

  1. Focus: The Pareto Principle, which teaches the 80/20 rule says 80% of our success comes from 20% of concentrated effort, in this case as a result of Focus. This means that if you’re focus, you’ll always achieve up to 80% of your set goals.
  1. Passion: Passion is the oil of gladness we feel everything we pursue a meaningful project. Passion makes difficult task super easy. To live a purpose driven life, there has to be passion, it’s the energy that drives a project beyond the call of duty.
  1. SetSMART goals: SMART goals are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. By setting SMART goals, you have succeeded in reducing production time yet increasing your productivity immensely.
  1. Get Organized: An unorganized schedule mirrors an unorganized life. When you starts to organize the seemingly insignificant things such as your desk, your wardrobe, your meeting time and dates and etc. you realize that many things will fall in place. You will no longer have to worry about those things, instead your focus shifts to how you can be more productive.
  1. Celebrate small achievements: Celebrating small achievements has its magic in that it boosts our confidence to take on bigger projects. The mind begins to think more purposeful, ‘if I could achieve this, then I can certainly achieve that!’

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