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Ego Management

Ego Management

Good Morning Brilliant and Excellent People,

I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals and fulfilling your Purpose. 

When Tayo woke up that morning to go to work at one of the leading Oil and Gas Company, it was looking like it was going to be a fine morning. She was ill-prepared for the unfortunate turn of events.

Her constant insubordination to her superior was going to earn her a termination letter. After several attempts and unable to get her to write an apology letter, the HR had to let her go. It was a difficult decision as she was considered an asset to the company, but insubordination wasn’t something the company were ready to accommodate.

There are many sides to a person’s personality, and the ego seeks expression more than any other part of the self, the ego can trick us to believing that it is the most important thing in the universe and as a result, we begin to raise our superiority higher than we ought.

Ego is a good thing because it can open you to full awareness of your whole self. Ego is the part of the identity that is often called the “self.” It expresses itself in self-importance, exaggerated self-opinion, presumption and self-evaluation.

There is nothing wrong with ego in itself because it’s a part of our identity, the problem arises when we begin to have a one-sided, exaggerated self-opinion/importance, which in this case indicates that your ego is more in control than purposeful rational thinking.

Warning signs that your ego is taking control

  1. You feel you are always right
  2. You hate losing and can play dirty if only to win and stay winning
  3. You can’t accept and submit to authorities except it’s you shouting the orders
  4. You always act too serious and can’t laugh at a joke

Why should you keep your ego in check?

“When you place your ego in front of everything else you lose a lot of objectivity. You are blinded by your feelings of superiority and lose touch with the reality. You may think you gain control or extra power/drive by giving in to these emotions, but often the opposite is true” (

It’s impossible to not be aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. The moment the waning signs begin to flash, you should take a sit and reassess your priorities.

How to overcome the ego-syndrome

The important thing is to learn to integrate all of the other interesting and unique parts of your personality into a functioning whole. Here are ways to achieve that:

  1. Realise that everyone is just as important as you are: no one is more or less important than you are. Accept this fact and treat people with respect.
  1. Spend time with other people: life is all about relationships. By appreciating other people who are different from you, you see the beauty in seeking continuous relationship. Rather than judge people from afar, move close and listen to them
  1. Have some reflection time: being able to take time off to ask critical questions and reflect on your beliefs and values can be crucial to managing your ego and keeping it in check.
  2. Submit to authorities: authorities are there to keep us in check as well as guide us in getting the work done. By refusing to submit to authorities, you are making a statement that the people who put the person there didn’t know what they were doing, that you are better suited for the job. But leadership starts from following authorities and learning to follow the appropriate authorities in respect to getting the job done.

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