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Hobbies and Interest

Hobbies and Interest

Good Morning Brilliant and Excellent People,

I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals, fulfilling your Purpose and making the world a better place.

Upon graduating with a master’s degree in English during the recession, Mike was offered a position at a venerable renewable-energy consulting firm, but whenever he closed from work for the day, his body ached for creativity and for making a difference in the world—both desires within him were critical for making him feel complete and whole. It was only upon this discovery that he realized he had to make significant time outside of his day job for channeling these desires in a way that he hadn’t done before. After listening to a motivational speaker talk on “Making time for your passion” he started doing a lot of serious self-reflection and began pursuing his passions more seriously.

As a result, he started writing more regularly,  began volunteering at a youth writing group in his city, and also started a coaching business to work with others struggling with some of the challenges that he’s faced. He finally learnt to feed his passion.

Working a 9-5 can be the most exhausting and demanding task of a person’s life. Mike’s story explains it all; Passion and Hobbies are what fuel your fire, what makes your heart pound and flutter when you leave work for the day, what you look forward to achieving wholeheartedly, and what gets you excited when you face a Saturday with no agenda in hand.

Improving your week by spending some time with your hobbies and passions can make a bad day turn good, and a good day even better. Sometimes you need to stop and remember what makes you happy. Remind yourself who you are and what you want to do outside of your 9-5: your hobbies and passions. Quick question; which is easier? Trying to love what you do OR doing what you love…

Think about something you love and something you are totally passionate about. The list is endless; Sports, music, painting, designing, acting, writing, etc. What do you find yourself doing that you actually enjoy — and may also productive? Is there something that both your heart and ambition push you toward?

Having hobbies outside of work is a key to professional success. Studies have shown that the most successful individuals in the world create time outside work for hobbies and interests.


  • Develop New Skills: A developed hobby transitions into a skill. Constantly making time for hobbies and interests will eventually make you a master at it. When you devote time to doing something you love, you perfect your skill and open doors of opportunities. Practice they say, makes perfect. Eventually, you will become more skilled in anything that you devote ample time to if you continuously repeat an action and keep an open mind.
  • Boost your confidence/self-esteem: The moment you become good at a hobby, it boosts your self-esteem and confidence, everyone loves appraisal and a little pat on the back; this might even lead one to fame, thus giving one the confidence to try out other interests.
  • It is healthy: Not only are hobbies fun, they can also relieve mental stress and exercise the brain and body. A hobby that makes you physically active can improve your body’s flexibility. Strategic hobbies like playing chess improves your mental reasoning and can benefit your work performance on many levels and is also a natural booster for brain function.
  • Source of income: When you develop a hobby and become good enough at it, it can serve as a platform for extra income. Who doesn’t like some extra cash? You may even decide to turn your hobby into a full-time job! For instance, maybe you really like to paint and you spend time painting all sorts of picture; landscape, still life, portraits, etc- If you discover that you have become really good at it, you may begin to sell your paintings and organize exhibitions, which could turn into a full-time job! I’ve seen people earn abundantly from their hobbies; athletes, musicians, actors, writers, etc. Develop a hobby and start earning!
  • Networking: Constant participation in hobbies and interests, especially those that involve communication with other individuals would increase your network. Physical activities and games and a great way to meet new people and make new friends. One might even organize friendly competitions with others. Your gym partner or chess opponent might be your contact to a business contract or even career opportunities.

However, I’ve heard people say they don’t have hobbies or haven’t discovered their interests. This is not abnormal as people get so engrossed in work that they barely notice “side attractions”. A lot of people spend a lifetime pursuing career success without understanding that it doesn’t necessarily guarantee a happy life, therefore Learning to balance work and passion/hobbies is very essential. Let work be work and fun be fun, don’t make the “9-5” your priority. Always remember that although your job is your source of income, it might not bring you happiness- but your passion will give you a lifetime of happiness and can also be a source of income.

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