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Good Morning Brilliant and Excellent People,

I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals and fulfilling your Purpose.

Life is a continuous chain of existence and human beings are recipients of information. In our everyday life we make deposits in others which have altered their behaviours or reactions to the contents of life. We all influence the mind-set of others without being fully aware of the impact. Many of us have stories to tell, either of failure or success, gain or loss, events, beliefs etc. All of these experiences wouldn’t be in existence without known or unknown contributions of others words or actions. Words carry weight, the effect of a spoken word or rude remark can cause an impact on an individual for as long as we could imagine. Our words can be someone’s courage to push further or reason to give up.

I delivered a speech at a conference early this year where I encouraged youths to pursue their dreams and avoid distractions that could discourage them. My practical aim that day was to boost their confidence and make them believe that their destiny was in their own hands. The response of these youths to my words of encouragement was amazing! There were cheers from every corner of the hall to my greatest surprise. It later dawned on me that maybe all that these youths wanted was a pat on the back or a little encouragement to keep pushing on towards their goals!

Three months later, I was driving out of a car park when young man marched up to me beaming with smiles, I could hardly recognise him and was very certain that I had never met him before. We exchanged greetings and he introduced himself as one of the youths at that conference where I gave a speech. I wasn’t so surprised as in my line of work I tend to meet people who had once been my audience at different events, but the words of this young mad caused a tingle in my heart which made the rest of my day. He said “Sir I just want to thank you for making an impact in my life, after your speech that very day my mind-set turned around for good, I can still hear your voice in my head and I am finally believing in myself and pursuing me dreams”. Happiness rushed through my body immediately, I was indeed happy that my words had made a good impact and yielded good results. I stepped out of my car, gave him a handshake and a hug and we parted ways.

Another practical example could be that of a child who grew up in an abusive home, constantly witnessing his father physically abuse his mother. Two things are involved here; that child, if male, would grow up to be a violent father or be too weak to stand up to any form of abuse. This becomes the ripple effect of an information he received several decades ago.

What verbal or physical impact have you made in the life of another? Are you someone’s reason to press on or give up? Do your words and actions yield good fruit? The world could be a better place if we all watch what we say or do as we all have a role to play in the lives of others therefore the end products could either be healing or damage.

Studies have shown that meeting an average of three people per day or more, an average person is predicted to interact with approximately 80,000 people in a lifetime. Your interaction can go a long way in the lives of others. The world is what we make of it.


  • Learn to carefully think before you say or do anything especially when under pressure. There should be a balance between your emotions and actual response. For example, when provoked buy a person or situation I mentally count from 1-10 before I say or act. The time used in counting is enough for me to process what kind of response I should actually give, setting my emotions aside.
  • Place yourself in shoes of the third party. How would I feel if I was spoken to harshly? Wouldn’t I want to be pardoned or understood as well?
  • Avoid negativity. Hurt people hurt people. What you receive is what you give, therefore we should create no room for negativity by carefully selecting the kind of company we keep, places we visit and lastly, what we feed our mind with.

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