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The Feeling of Success

The Feeling of Success

Good Morning Brilliant and Excellent People,

I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals and fulfilling your Purpose.

I often watch the premier league games and I have witnessed several times the joy and celebration of the winners through several seasons. I also watch the local football league from time to time and have also witnessed the exhilaration

of the winners. And over the years, my conclusion has been the same, whether it’s for the local football league or for the international league, the taste of success is the same.

The man who is finally able to sell off his trade under the bridge after many attempts will no less feel successful than the man who recently wins over a multi-millio

n dollar

contract. In their own capacities, they have success and they most likely feel it the same way. They both go off and celebrate with friends and families, they both announce their joy in the same capacity, with shouting and praising.

While the feeling and taste of success is the same, but you’

ll agree that the rewards of success is never the same. The international football league will have a higher pay, larger viewership and attention, and will attract  bigger awards, while the local league will have their pay and attractions too, it doesn’t compare. The man who finally sold his trade under the bridge will probably have more money than he had yesterday but not enough for tomorrow and his growing needs while the other man will not only have enough to finish the job, he’ll also have more to share with families and friends and perhaps take a vacation.

In other words, it is not enough to be successful at the level you are right now, it is important to look ahead and dream bigger. At every level of success you attain, there’s always another level to climb and the rewards are never the same. The young man who struggles to complete a university degree will certainly not have the same rewards in life as the man who only has a secondary school leaving certificate.

My mentor once told me that the greatest enemy of success is “I’m okay!” As long as there is feeling of contentment with where a person is and what he has, the desire to dream bigger and be better than the present circumstance is cut short.

So, dare to dream big and accomplish more. Regardless of the successes you have experienced or are experiencing, there is more. There is more to look forward to, there is more to accomplish.

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