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Good Morning Brilliant and Excellent People,

I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals and fulfilling your Purpose.

We are all leaders! Every human in whatever sphere he finds himself is a leader, be it in Marriage, at the office, in the neighborhood . We all have been created with leadership potential. Unfortunately, many people have the wrong sense of leadership and the very purpose of it. Because of this, more  people are driven by egoistic and selfish ambition to be recognized and widely acclaimed.

There are many definitions of leadership, but one of the most basic and highly significant definition is that Leadership is the ability to lead others by influence. If this definition is true and we all have had instances where we exercised influence over a situation, person or place, then we are all leaders.

In saying that we all are leaders, the first question that will arise in the mind of anyone is, if we all are leaders, then who will be the follower? The very thought that there has to be followers for a leader to be a leader is highly misleading. The purpose of leadership is not to have followers, it is produce leaders.


The ultimate goal of true leadership is not followers but leaders. It’s okay to have followers, followers often spring up when one is highly effective as a leader. But it is wrong to

have so many followers without the consciousness of making them leaders who c

an go out and influence their world. Effective leadership is the ability to release the potential of others and inspire them to fulfil that potential.

If as a leader, you always have to be around to make things right, then perhaps your leadership isn’t complete. Until your followers are able to lead others and achieve results without your presence but with your guidance, then your work isn’t fully registered as a leader.

The basic distinction of a leader of leaders is the ability to create a platform through which he leads, this platform is also one he surrenders to the people he leads (if need be) to further effect change. This platform should live, breathe, and change over time in a consistent framework, to meet the needs of leadership in his group.


Leadership is about other people fulfilling their potential and being at their best, but it starts with you, the leader. You cannot give what you don’t have. If you are courageous, confident and highly influential, you will give courage, confidence and influence.

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