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The Value of Good Reputation

The Value of Good Reputation

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A man is valued by what others say of him. Value is not only a function of who you are when you’re by yourself or what you do, it is more a function of what is said about you, your reputation especially when you’re not there to influence it. For example, many people rely heavily on the reputation of a product before deciding to buy the product themselves. They go through the company’s website looking for reviews of the product. Many potential customers will go through this routine, why? Because they understand that the reputation of the product is just as important as the product itself.

In the same way, our reputation defines how people look at us and how people speak of you. For the most part, people will speak of you as they perceive you and perception is not 100% beyond our control.

The value of good reputation

  1. Inspiration: A good reputation inspires others to want to be better than they are. All it takes is for someone to cross the line of impossible and it opens the door for great exploits. Inspiration does not only come from the things that you say of yourself, the things that other people say of you can serve as the push that another needs.
  2. Public branding: If you stay in a place and try to sell yourself, at your best, your reach is still limited. But what if have built a reputable image over the years, enough for people to comment about, then you have created a ripple effect because other people’s voice can reach places that you may not be aware of, thereby promoting your public brand.
  3.  Stepping stone: Rather than think of yourself as haven arrived and needing no further development, you can think of your present reputation as a stepping stone to achieving amazing things. You can also choose to be leverage on your reputation and reach people and places where your influence may otherwise not have reached.

Building a good reputation

A good reputation is valuable and it’s not something that is beyond your control. If in a few years’ time, you decide to leave the country and travel to a place where no one knows you before, you need to realize that you’re in charge. You can completely turn your image around in the new place by following these simple steps:

  1. Take on responsibilities: Not something that is way above your capabilities; it must a realistic measurable action. Handle this new responsibility with expertise and avoid giving excuse when you encounter a problem. If you succeed at the things you are in charge of, they begin to form an opinion of you in the minds of those who are watching.
  2. Avoid casting a blaming eye: If you’re at fault, accept it and move to correct it. Don’t try to be perfect, because you will appear to be fake. Make mistakes because it is normal and even expected but don’t allow someone take the fall for you.
  3. Be involved: Make new friends, join in conversations and give your opinion quietly. Laugh when others laugh and volunteer for projects. If you consciously choose to be friendly, you’ll attract friends and be known as one.

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