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What are your Concerns?

What are your Concerns?

Happy New Week,

I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals, fulfilling your Purpose and making the world a better place.

Recently, I came across Nigeria’s search history on google and these were the top list of concerns: ‘Soco’, ‘who is the richest musician in Nigeria’ and ‘How to Dance Shaku Shaku’. Some of the other searches include ‘world cup
fixtures’, bbnaija, ‘how to tie gele’, ‘prepare banga soup’  and ‘black panther’.

A concern is simply an area of marked interest or a matter for consideration. They are what we yearn and show interest in. Concerns cover a wide range of interests that we have such as thoughts, visions, goals, priorities, etc. It can also be downsized to necessities like our health, children, work, etc. When we devote our mind to a particular thing, it becomes a concern. Over the years systematic studies have been made on discovering the relationship between our concerns and actual life.

What do you spend time pondering about? What do you spend your day reminiscing about? What steals your attention?  With time, your concerns become your actual life a man is what he thinks. Tell a wise man your concerns and he can tell your personality even your future.

We can also say that your concerns are soul food, what you feed your mind with. One can even measure his level of achievement with the concerns he/she has. Often times our concerns align with our field and position in life while many times it doesn’t.

It is unapologetically a human behavior to have concerns. These concerns determine our thoughts and actions and also contributes to our future. We can agree that the list of concerns of Nigeria as listed by google search is a mirror of where we are today.

We need to monitor what our concerns are and keep them as positive and productive as possible.

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