What Motivates You?

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If you are reading today’s article, that implies you are a just a step away from Success and achieving your Purpose.

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I mentioned in my write up sometime ago that What motivates you today gives you the currency to purchase what you will be tomorrow. Today’s advantages must be used to buy tomorrow’s opportunities.
Every person is motivated by something in particular. When you know what motivates you, life becomes an exciting adventure. You are driven by your passion and you have a reason for getting out of bed in the morning. This kind of energy is natural and essential for personal success.

But note that if your purpose is not yet defined, you cannot have this drive and passion. Visit www.solomonempire.com for more details on defining your purpose in order to have a passion that will motivate you to success

Rejection, one step closer to Acceptance

If you want to be a success, you have to be used to the word “NO”  and ignoring it.

During his Campaign, President Obama repeated the word “YES” to claim his victory and training the thought of his supporters.

Yes I can , Yes We can, became prophetic themes in his speeches from day one.

Even though my job demands that i stay positive, there have been moments when i felt discouraged and disappointing. A few times i questioned everything and quietly negative. If people tell you they are always positive and never experience bad days, that’s a fat lie.

But i have learnt to celebrate rejection and learned to take the energy of rejection and experience a shift in my brilliance, re frame it and see it as a gift and blessing in disguise.

My rejecters have done me a favour, saved me time, energy and money and given me an invitation to grow.

It takes only you and you alone to catch your vision and drive it passionately.

Understand that not everyone is going to appreciate you. So many people will not acknowledge your brilliance and will reject your genius and overlook your potential.

Try and surround your self with people that will appreciate your vision and knowing that negativity and pessimism is contagious.

Get your self up every morning with positive words, read  and make pronouncement to your destiny and exercise for at least 5 mins.

It is a new dawn for you.

Distinguish Yourself

I wish you could say this about your self.
” Everything i do is original, unrepeatable, notable and exceptional”
These words should guide your actions, decisions and activities.
It is time for you to professionally distinguish your work, product, service and brand.
Diversify your circle of influence, if everyone around you talks thinks and act like you, the your circle is too small.
Remember that the only  thing you have that no one else have, is YOU, your voice, mind, story, past , vision and future.
Decide to stand out today, the world is waiting for the real you that only you can produce.

Believe in Yourself, You are Great and You can do Exploit

Self confidence is a super power. when you start to believing your self, Magic starts happening.

The problem for most of us is that confidence, the very thing we need the most is in short supply.

Our self assurance and esteem has come under several attack as a result of the reeling economy, layoffs, cancelled contracts, failure, the list goes on….

You need to live a life of boldness and confidence so you don’t diminish in Value.

You need to believe in your own merit regardless of the flaws you may have or challenges you face. When you believe in your innate brilliance, you will find the confidence to take action.

Confidence comes from believing in your own self worth. its is living out loud.
It is the voice that that says ” I can, I shall, I will” confidence is the ability to go in your own direction instead of following the crowd. Confidence is your own quiet power and without it, there is no ignition, and no dream can come true and there is no better tomorrow.

Confidence comes from hours and days and weeks of constant work and dedication.
Its never too ate to believe in your self.

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Meet the guy who inherited Solomon’s Intellectual Properties

“Thus Solomon’s wisdom excelled the wisdom of all the men of the East and all the wisdom of Egypt.”

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Define your purpose and don’t live a wasted life.

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Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead- A discussion with my mentor this morning and i love to share with you.
The year 2020 is just around the corner. The men and women who will thrive and leave their imprint on the world will do so by stepping out from the crowd.
They will unleash their inner salmon and swim upstream against popular opinion.
These men and women are not waiting to be endorsed by the club, be invited to join the clique, or attempting to fit into anyone’s category.
They refuse to conform to dreaming small, thinking less, or waiting for a tap on the shoulder.
They have found their inner gumption or what Caroline Miller calls “authentic grit” and have sent a text message to the future that reads, “WOW – Watch Out World, here I come.”
By 2020 you will be five years older. Will you be better? If so, start today by helping someone else break from the pack and you will ultimately help yourself.

Define your purpose now, have a reason for your existence.
Decide to be a game changer in your life, industry, profession and environment.
Change the game or be forced to react to change in the game. 

You must decide where you want to belong; Watch things happen, or make things happen. Remember that if you don’t decide what happens, someone else will.
Work with the BPE team to achieve your purpose with utmost Brilliance and be guaranteed an excellent future. 
To your Brilliance , Purpose & Excellence