Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead- A discussion with my mentor this morning and i love to share with you.
The year 2020 is just around the corner. The men and women who will thrive and leave their imprint on the world will do so by stepping out from the crowd.
They will unleash their inner salmon and swim upstream against popular opinion.
These men and women are not waiting to be endorsed by the club, be invited to join the clique, or attempting to fit into anyone’s category.
They refuse to conform to dreaming small, thinking less, or waiting for a tap on the shoulder.
They have found their inner gumption or what Caroline Miller calls “authentic grit” and have sent a text message to the future that reads, “WOW – Watch Out World, here I come.”
By 2020 you will be five years older. Will you be better? If so, start today by helping someone else break from the pack and you will ultimately help yourself.

Define your purpose now, have a reason for your existence.
Decide to be a game changer in your life, industry, profession and environment.
Change the game or be forced to react to change in the game. 

You must decide where you want to belong; Watch things happen, or make things happen. Remember that if you don’t decide what happens, someone else will.
Work with the BPE team to achieve your purpose with utmost Brilliance and be guaranteed an excellent future. 
To your Brilliance , Purpose & Excellence

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