Rejection, one step closer to Acceptance

If you want to be a success, you have to be used to the word “NO”  and ignoring it.

During his Campaign, President Obama repeated the word “YES” to claim his victory and training the thought of his supporters.

Yes I can , Yes We can, became prophetic themes in his speeches from day one.

Even though my job demands that i stay positive, there have been moments when i felt discouraged and disappointing. A few times i questioned everything and quietly negative. If people tell you they are always positive and never experience bad days, that’s a fat lie.

But i have learnt to celebrate rejection and learned to take the energy of rejection and experience a shift in my brilliance, re frame it and see it as a gift and blessing in disguise.

My rejecters have done me a favour, saved me time, energy and money and given me an invitation to grow.

It takes only you and you alone to catch your vision and drive it passionately.

Understand that not everyone is going to appreciate you. So many people will not acknowledge your brilliance and will reject your genius and overlook your potential.

Try and surround your self with people that will appreciate your vision and knowing that negativity and pessimism is contagious.

Get your self up every morning with positive words, read  and make pronouncement to your destiny and exercise for at least 5 mins.

It is a new dawn for you.

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