What Motivates You?

Greetings from Solomon’s Empire & the BPE team.

If you are reading today’s article, that implies you are a just a step away from Success and achieving your Purpose.

Yes, i believe you now know your purpose. if you don’t , please contact the BPE team using any of the following links.
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For those who joined the team last month, i believe you have started trading your ideas and  accomplishing your Purpose with Brilliance and Excellence Skills.

Lots of testimony came from youths and students as we had several session with them last month both within and outside Nigeria

 BPE Session @ Redeemer’s University Lagos


BPE Session @ Atlanta Georgia


I mentioned in my write up sometime ago that What motivates you today gives you the currency to purchase what you will be tomorrow. Today’s advantages must be used to buy tomorrow’s opportunities.
Every person is motivated by something in particular. When you know what motivates you, life becomes an exciting adventure. You are driven by your passion and you have a reason for getting out of bed in the morning. This kind of energy is natural and essential for personal success.

But note that if your purpose is not yet defined, you cannot have this drive and passion. Visit www.solomonempire.com for more details on defining your purpose in order to have a passion that will motivate you to success

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