What is your Philosophy of Life?

Good Morning Friends,

I remembered sharing about your view of life in one of my articles earlier this year.

Have you ever asked yourself about the reality and genuineness of your personal view of life? Have you ever paused to consider that you may be basing your life on a faulty metaphor which you may have picked from parents, doctrine, religion, friends, movies, environment, culture,magazines and books or from other fallible sources. 

Those were exactly the words i used in that article. I am very sure you have meditated on the above .

Today, i will be sharing about the philosophy of life which aligns with the view i shared above.

So many of us have got several philosophy about life which in turn affects our thought, our thoughts affects our mindset, our mindset translate into our beliefs , which aids our decision, and turns to our actions and then to our habit and to our character and finally directs our destiny and make us who we are today.

Am sure you will remember one or two philosophy you used to belief in before and it is apparent today that it does not work. I will not like to give an example for several reasons. 

Whats your philosophy? where are you getting yours from? what do you meditate on?
Where do you spend your time? what books do you read? what religion do you practice? The list goes on.

If you need to change your status today or you need to change something about your life which you are tired of, then change your philosophy.

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You can control your world by your philosophy. Take charge today and don’t be stagnant.