Must Read – See what you will look like @ 80 years Old

Hello Friends,

I will like us to concentrate on how our present habits and daily ways of living  positively or negatively affect our old age.

Pause for a second and ask yourself these questions:

  • What do i want to look like when i grow old?
  •  Do i want to become a source of sorrow to my children and beloved ones at  old age or  become an object of ridicule?

You have the answers to these questions and also have total control over this.

I have seen so many aged people in their 80s and above still very active while i have seen people in their 50s and below  who are object of  ridicule.

In this article, I wont go into much details but I will implore you to decide today to become a source of joy to your beloved ones at old age.

This must reflect now in the following habits and present actions:

  • Your savings
  • Your Eating Habit
  • Fitness and Exercise
  • Studying and putting the brain to work 
  • Proper rest and Sound sleep
  • Quality time with Family
  • Quality friends and social groups
  • Periodic Medical Checks
  • Care and attention for the Aged
  • Others .

The time to act is now.

Don’t be decived, we will all grow old some days