Integrity Vs Success

Question: Is success even possible in today’s world without sacrificing integrity or morals?

Ans: “Yes. But this can be tough. 
Slander, dishonesty, and  filth are all over, coming from the mouths of our current and future leaders.

The role models children look up to are filled with series of loose standards, unrealistic expectations and unworthy pursuits.

Not to mention names, we have had several leaders who have been let down simply because they lack morals, principles, values and positive attitude.

Almost all the literature in the last years have focused on success without profound enlightenment and right principles.

Things like integrity, humility, fidelity, simplicity, temperance and other golden

rules have been omitted in the success journey.

Almost all religious sermons, literatures and articles, and musical songs now gives hope without empowerment which makes an average youth believes he can sleep as a pauper and wake up as a millionaire.  Fraudlent activities including kidnapping is the nippiest way to achieve such success.
We need to cultivate and develop right cultures and principles to activate good success to enable us stand without wrong insignia when we finally attain success.

Values should be taught in schools and other institutions to create a better future for our country.

God Bless Nigeria

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