The Sound of Victory

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I hear the sound of victory
I know that things are gonna change for me
I make the sound everywhere I go
And I share the sound with everyone I know
And with every step I take it’s getting closer, closer
And the louder it gets, the louder I praise
The more intense, the more I praise
And the harder it gets, the harder I praise
I know my victory is on the way and it’s in my (praise)
Maurette Brown Clark – I Hear The Sound (of Victory) Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

Yes, Victory requires Determination, Consistency and Focus on set Goals.

The more determined a team is, the more their chances of winning. 

We saw that in the just concluded FA cup finals. For football fans all over the world, without sentiments, I hope you will agree with me that the Arsenal team was more determined to win the FA cup finals.

We also saw such determination in the EUROPA Cup Finals. We saw a more determined Manchester team giving their best throughout the game.

Mourinho knew exactly what Ajax would do and knew he would prey on their callowness, their risk-taking and their inexperience. He gave each of his players detailed, disciplined jobs and they had a game plan to follow – although it does not half help if there is a huge slice of good luck along the way as they made history.

Don’t forget, it’s about Purpose defined, Brilliant Strategies and Excellent Implementation
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I look forward to discuss with you every week on Brilliance, Purposeful and Excellent tips to practically give you a brilliant turn around and redirect you to your purpose and destination.
This week, we will look at the word Decision.
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      The Wiktionary defines decision as (choice or judgment): Most often, to decide something is  to make a decision; however, other possibilities exist as well. Many verbs used      with destination or conclusion, such as reachcome to, and arrive at can also be used with decision;  these serve to emphasize that the decision is the result of deliberation. Finally, some varieties of  English prefer to take a decision rather than make one.

·         Adjectives often applied to “decision”: important, difficult, big, tough, bad, informed, easy, personal, smart, poor, good, quick, major, strategic, wise, serious, hard, stupid, hasty, responsible, complex, prudent, deliberate, significant, collective, delayed, challenging, careful, foolish, small, rash, thoughtful, slow, clever, forced, uninformed.
The adjectives above gives us more understanding on the word decision. We are presently a product of our past decisions. The choices we have made, the friends we have kept, the jobs we have taken up and other choices.
An average person takes up to 35,000 decisions daily both consciously and sub consciously.
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One of the ground breaking rules of success is to ensure we are disciplined in our decision taking.
Discipline is the difference between being in control of our future and letting your environment dictate your destiny
Some of us are good at taking decisions while some of us do not take decisions at all and are left to by other people’s decision. Well the good news is that by not taking a decision, you have also taken a decision not to take a decision which is worst.
It is not too late to start evaluating our decisions and start having the end in mind before taking actions.
Decide today to make a better product from your decisions.

Have a great week!!

Actions Speak Louder

Hello Brilliant and Excellent Ones.

I am glad to share today’s word with you on the consequences of our actions. We preach and teach this everyday and I believe it is not new to us but I  think it is pertinent to emphasize on the reasons behind our everyday actions.

Image result for actions speak louder than wordsOn my way to church on a Sunday morning, I found my self on a wrong lane and i needed to get back to the right lane. Almost all the vehicles coming behind noticed my light indicator but ignored it until a woman dressed like a Pastor came behind and halted for me to get on the right track.

So I wondered, Why did others not stop, Why did she stopped, What was the reason behind her presumed kind gesture, Does she recognize my vehicle, Is it because she is a Pastor, Is it because she is going to Church ? These and other questions kept going through my mind.

We can change the world with our actions and not offering help because one good turn deserves another. I ended up driving to church this same day giving way to everyone  ahead of me.

Image result for actions speak louder than wordsOur actions speak to those around us and they get influenced by each of our actions. It is our duty to change the world through positive actions and most importantly, not expecting anything in return for our good deeds.

Note: Write down 10 actions of yours in the past week and see how it would have affected someone positively or negatively.

Be committed to do one action per day to affect the world positively.
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Together , we can impact the World positively.

Have a great Week

Value for Money

Hello Brilliant and Excellent Ones, 
This week, I like us to discuss Value for Money (VFM).  Growing up as a kid a long time ago, I remembered taking from my Uncle’s bag some foreign currency while he was relocating to the United States. I have a better understanding now  the value of the money to him at that time which the value to me then is just to buy games and hang out with friends.
Also, some couple of months ago, I gave a particular beggar some alms and after 5 minutes, I walked down the same street and he still begged me for alms. I kept asking myself; He may not have recognized me, He may have thought I have more to give him or that was his profession.
However, I came to conclusion that the value of the money I gave him meant different value to both of us. 
While I was pondering over these, I thought about the days of Barter where goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods or services without using a medium of exchange. Immediately I wondered how many cows or jewelries would have been kept in the Ikoyi building where a lot of money was recovered lately in my country Nigeria. 
Good value for money is the most desirable possible given expressed or implied restrictions or constraints use of resources to achieve the intended outcomes.
VALUE FOR MONEY is in the perception of the buyer or receiver of goods and/or services. Proof of good value for money is in believing or concluding that the goods/services received was worth the price paid. Examples of the types of factors that may be considered are suitability, quality, skills, price, whole of life costs and other criteria. The mix of these and other factors and the relevant importance of each will vary on a case by case basis.
One of my mentors told me while I was growing that we are not here in the world to pay bills but there is a higher purpose. The earlier we discover this purpose, we then learn the right value of money at every given time. This then controls our decisions and exchange of money for other purpose. We will learn to exchange for more Brilliant, Purposeful and Excellent things.
It’s not too late to shift our focus to our higher purpose and starve other distractions.
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