The Sound of Victory

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I hear the sound of victory
I know that things are gonna change for me
I make the sound everywhere I go
And I share the sound with everyone I know
And with every step I take it’s getting closer, closer
And the louder it gets, the louder I praise
The more intense, the more I praise
And the harder it gets, the harder I praise
I know my victory is on the way and it’s in my (praise)
Maurette Brown Clark – I Hear The Sound (of Victory) Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

Yes, Victory requires Determination, Consistency and Focus on set Goals.

The more determined a team is, the more their chances of winning. 

We saw that in the just concluded FA cup finals. For football fans all over the world, without sentiments, I hope you will agree with me that the Arsenal team was more determined to win the FA cup finals.

We also saw such determination in the EUROPA Cup Finals. We saw a more determined Manchester team giving their best throughout the game.

Mourinho knew exactly what Ajax would do and knew he would prey on their callowness, their risk-taking and their inexperience. He gave each of his players detailed, disciplined jobs and they had a game plan to follow – although it does not half help if there is a huge slice of good luck along the way as they made history.

Don’t forget, it’s about Purpose defined, Brilliant Strategies and Excellent Implementation
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