Discover your gifts

Hello Brilliant and Excellent People,
I like to share with us about the connection between our gift, purpose and destiny.
Each of us have special gifts which is meant to be discovered and improved on.
Image result for your giftThe first thing you must do to understand your destiny is to recognize the gifts God has given you to use which makes you uniquely you.
These gifts are not for your benefit. God gave you gifts for the benefits of other people.
Image result for your gift , aconnect to your success and destinyThese gifts can be discovered through your interest and passion which are pointers to your purpose and destiny.
Let’s talk about David who had the gift of music. He worked on his skills and made himself unique in this field. So when Saul the king needed someone to play music for him, David’s skills brought him before the King.
Let us also examine Joseph who had severally work on the gift of interpreting dreams which also brought him before the King.
You are required today to take the following steps:
1.    Identify your gifts. (This can be identified by your interests and Passion)
2.    Work on improving these gifts daily
3.    Identify where you can use these skills not for your own benefits but to be a blessing to others
Give us feedback or contact the BPE team on more details.

Have a Brilliant and Purposed Driven week.

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