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Jon Butcher the author of life book, when asked the simple secret to healthy and slowing down ageing said “Connecting deeply with your purpose to improve self-discipline”
As a musician, If you want to create good music on a stringed instrument, it is necessary to tune the strings first.  If you want to excel in life, you have to focus yourself to achieve your purpose. That effort is discipline.
Image result for purpose and disciplineDiscipline is a major requirement to attaining success and the least understood word in the world. The purpose of discipline is simply to be able to guide the expressions of the mind. Discipline helps control our emotions and  sharpen our focus towards our desired goals.
We know how the mind functions. We know that it becomes easily distracted that it has very strong ideas, emotions, convictions and beliefs. 
The role of discipline is to condition the mind so that it is connected with positivity and creativity. Normally we may wish to become positive and creative, but our mental conditioning and emotions does not allow it. 
Image result for success and  disciplineYou are encouraged to embrace a disciplined life in your diet, exercise, studies, networking, hobbies and other activities such as religion.
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