Thought improves Vision

Can our thoughts improve our vision? 
I walked into a mall some years ago with a senior and junior colleague . We went in to the mall to check out the newly built edifice that was attracting crowd.
We all had comments to make as soon as we got into the mall. My senior colleague who is an engineer commented on the H VAC systems and the structural systems while i commended their customer service representatives and front line staff.  The amazing thing was the comment of our junior colleague who was excited about the beautiful ladies in the mall.
Image result for your thoughts and goalsI got home and reflected on our comments and i discovered that our vision and utterances depends on our thought and meditation.
We really need to positively invest on our thoughts and meditations as these are pointers to our vision and goals.
If mindsets can change us, maybe we can deliberately choose our mindsets to improve our abilities. We can choose to adopt a mindset that improves creativity. 
Image result for your thoughts and goalsWe need to  discover new ways of taking control of our mindsets to improve their well-being and performance, but these resources often go unused and could be better harnessed.” The mind and body are not separate; our thoughts have remarkable control over our bodies; and our mindsets are capable of improving our brains’ performance, sight, goals and vision.
The BPE team can help you tame your thoughts towards creativity , Purpose and Excellence.

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