The Power of Intention

Intentions are purposeful statement or wish that one means to carry out, determining mentally upon a specific action with a desired end result, an unbroken commitment, a resolution.  Yet, just having “good” intentions is not enough. Sometimes we need a wake-up call to provoke action and get our attention, to make that connection to find balance and happiness in our lives.
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These days, we entrants of several phones and gadgets has made almost everyone a photographer. We can all take pictures on our smartphones and other devices without having to call a photographer.
Yes, this is a good one but the fact is that we cannot compare those pictures taken with our phones or other devices to the pictures taken by a photographer even when we use the same device to take the pictures.
The reason is this because we have different intention before taking the pictures. We only take the pictures to capture the moment and to make fun while the photographer’s intention is quite different. That is his professional job, he wants a good output, he will scan the environment before taking the pictures, and he will sometimes direct the arrangement and postures of his subjects.
The key to any intention is to get really clear on what you want.  Most of us don’t even know what we want.  We think we do, but do we really know?  
When we begin to study our intention before taking actions, we begin to get greater results. It gives us time to think and be purpose driven.
Image result for purposeful intentionWhen we think and meditate on our intention, we give more attention to the task at hand.Image result for purposeful intention
Intentions reflect both what we hope will happen and what we are planning to do. When we intend for something to happen, as much as it depends on us, we intend to do our part to arrange circumstances and situations to see our intentions come to fruition.
As brief as we can, let us decide today to think on our intention and purpose behind any action and task before we begin.

I wish you all a brilliant week ahead.

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