The Sense of Self

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I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals and fulfilling your Purpose.

Today, I will share a thought on the sense of self.
The dictionary puts the meaning as the perception of oneself, that is, a sense of one’s self-image. I like to put it as how you see yourself, and what you consider your worth to be.

Why is it important to build a strong sense of self?
Life brings many circumstances our way, without a strong self of self, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and perhaps depressed with yourself. What that means is that, when you feel any form of instability in your life, you begin to see yourself as the problem. People who have a strong sense of self know what they want for themselves and they pursue it without questions. They are able to stand up for themselves and thrive even in the midst of unfortunate circumstances.
It’s equally hard to believe you are worth anything good if you have no sense of self. People who have no sense of self take anything that is thrown at them, mostly because they don’t think they are worth better. In other words, without a strong sense of self, you are likely to lack a good self-esteem and a high level of confidence.
To build healthy relationships, you must also have a sense of self and clear identity. A consistent, strong and positive sense of self says people can trust you and build intimate relationship with you.

How to build a positive self-image
Your self-image is your own statement to the world and that is why you must be careful to build a strong, positive and confident self-image. You want people to believe the best about you. You want to go and leave long lasting positive impression about you in the minds of people. To do this, it comes by taking great care to build a positive image.
Here are five must do things to build a positive self-image
1.       Believe in yourself
You must believe that you are strong and important, that you are worth every good thing because as a man thinks in his heart of himself, so is he.
2.       Accept yourself
If you constantly judge yourself and never consider yourself good enough, it’s very likely you’re looking at yourself through someone else’s mirror. The first step to building a positive self-image is to accept yourself as you are. Once you do that, to chart the path of greatness is smooth and easy.
3.        Enjoy your “alone” time
The only greatest friend you can have is yourself, so learn to enjoy your own company. Shallow people never find time to being alone, they always look to other people for approval and dependency. We know that all the greatest people in history are deep thinkers, but they were able to discover and recreate when they were alone. Spend time alone as much as possible and never do so without a journal. Reflect, meditate and think. As you do so, you build depth of character and an independent spirit.
4.       Evaluate your values
What are your values? What do you consider the most important things in life? Your values says a lot about you. They give us an insight into your character and the kind of person you are, so evaluate your values. Ask yourself, is this what I want to be known for? Do my values give the accurate description of who I am? If not, re-evaluate!
5.       Proper grooming

Grooming is one of most important physical aspect of building a positive self-image. Proper grooming gives you the emotional boost that you need to stay positive. If you dress great, you feel great and act great!

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The Power of Beliefs

Good Morning Brilliant and Excellent People,

I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals and fulfilling your Purpose.

Today, I will share a thought on the power of beliefs.

“Changing your beliefs concerning what IS possible will, through seemingly mystical and magical means, manifest into that which you previously believed, and as a result “thought” to be impossible.” – Chuck Danes

In the last few weeks, we have been dwelling on the power of thoughts, today we want to discuss something closely linked to our thoughts, and that is our beliefs.
Thoughts and Beliefs are precedents to our outward behavior and the events in our environment. Your beliefs assume the instructor role that feeds your subconscious mind what to do and how.

When you strongly believe in a subject matter, whatever it may be, you begin to dispense energy into the environment that attracts the element of your belief to you. This is the power in believing. Your subconscious mind always responds to your beliefs and creates them into physical and or material things.
If you therefore want to change what you see around you, you must change what goes on inside of you- your thoughts and beliefs.
Image result for beliefsBeliefs are the foundation of your life, they form the basis of our behavior, the crux of why we do the things we do and why we wouldn’t do what we wouldn’t do. I believe that everyone shares the energy of a belief, our lives are held together by strongholds of belief systems on which our opinions, values, behaviors and lifestyle is built.

And that is not all!

Beliefs not only form the basis of behaviours, it is the most creative force in the universe. The energy of belief can be turned into a unified force to bring into manifestation your desired goals. By maximising your power to consistently and intentionally choose your beliefs, you not only can, but will, dramatically enhance the kind and quality of your life.

Once you become aware of the power of belief, you’ll realise that there is no limitation to what or who you can become and achieve in life. If you believe in your own self-worth and inner strength, your experiences will begin to change right before your very eyes.

How to change your life through the power of believing

Image result for beliefs

This principle is based on the 3Bs, if you believe it and behave it, you will become it. (You can refer back to a previous write up on the law of attraction) This is perhaps one of the most powerful quote I have heard. You can literately change your life by practicing the 3Bs. Regardless of the “thing” that you want to achieve; a behavioral change or a desired goal, it is your conscious intentional belief or non-belief that determines as to whether you will accomplish that thing or not.
In other words, you can chose to win or lose in life, it’s all in what you believe.

But not only in belief, have you to behave it! Beliefs will not produce any lasting change until they become a part of our daily habits, that is, you’ve got to act on them.

Changing your beliefs
Changing your beliefs can change your outputs. Negatives beliefs will attract negativity to you and positive belies will attract positivity to you. To change your beliefs, you need to first change your thoughts because thoughts are what produces beliefs. Then you need to change your perspectives to things, that is, you need to change the way you see things. No matter how bad things get, look for the positive and stay with it. When you consistently train yourself to see only the positive in your environment, your thought pattern will radically change and finally your beliefs will transform.

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My Thoughts, My World.

Good Morning Brilliant and Excellent People,
I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals and fulfilling your Purpose.
Today, I will share a thoughton positive investment in our thoughts.
There is a lot going on about how the quality of your life is affected by your thought processes, more than that, about how the things you constantly think about influences the words that you speak.  Actually, when your mind is constantly filled with positive thoughts, it overflows into your words and the words you speak influence the direction your life heads.
In other words, we all have the opportunity to change our lives just by changing our thoughts.

It’s impossible to recognize opportunities in your circumstances when all you’re mindful of is negativity, bitterness and regrets.

Positive mindset is a mental attitude, it empowers you and opens your mind up to opportunities that abounds in your environment, and it makes you feel stronger and more confident. Negative thoughts bring about the degradation of the mind. They dis empower you and make you feel weaker and less confident.

Anybody who desires to be successful needs to know how to maximize the creative power of the mind.

  • ·        Write out your goal. Let it be something you desire greatly to achieve, something you’re knowledgeable about and have passion for.
  • ·        Spend 5 minutes each morning over the next 21days thinking about the realization of your goal. What this does to you is to open your mind to the possibilities of fulfilling that goal.
  • ·        As you spend time thinking about the realization of your goal, also set aside a few minutes to allow yourself the joy of a fulfilled goal. Imagining that you have already achieved your goal fuels you with renewed passion to want to achieve it.
  • ·        Have faith in yourself. You will only fulfill your goal once you believe you can do it.

Invest and Promote your Personal Brand

Good Morning Brilliant and Excellent People,
I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals and fulfilling your Purpose.

Today, I will share a thought on investment in self and promoting personal brand
The most valuable asset you have is yourself, you are your own best advertising agent. 

Guess what, when you go for an interview or simply meet up a client to discuss business, who do they see? You. ‘Investing in yourself is the best thing you can do.
 Anything that improves your own talents; nobody can tax it or take it away from you…

If you’ve got talent yourself, and you’ve maximized your talent , you’ve got a tremendous asset that can return ten-fold’ Warren Buffet.

Investing in yourself is the growth of your human capital value. According to Wikipedia, Human Capital is “the stock of competencies, knowledge, social and personality attributes, including creativity, embodied in the ability to perform labour so as to produce economic value.” Economic value cannot be generated without some form of investment in yourself, all of the skills involved are product of consistent, intentional investment in self.
Image result for self investment
I’ve listed a few step to investing in yourself and building your human capital value
1.   Identify your strength
2.   Review your goal and challenge yourself to do higher
3.   Improve your skill base proficiency
4.   Read a new book
5.   Get a mentor
6.   Dare yourself to do things you’ve never done before

These steps listed above are not particularly in any order, and each of the individual steps remain an important ingredient in self-development.

After you have taken time to invest in yourself, what next?
These question is often asked by people who have done a great deal of investing in themselves, expected a huge turn around and then nothing happened.

Actually, the work doesn’t end at investing in yourself, after you have done this, you also need to take time to build your personal brand. These are two different things. Personal branding is the process of marketing your skills, personality, and values.

Personal branding is putting your skills in the face of the world, but your branding will not be effective if you haven’t differentiated yourself by investing in yourself, by doing this, you are deepening your effect.

A way to start your branding journey is to maximize sites such as visualize.meor kinzaa to create your page and tell your story.

Benefits of investing in yourself

Someone once said, “You will never go broke from investing in yourself”, this statement is absolutely true. Investing in yourself cost money, quite true, but soon enough, you get paid for your competencies.
1.   Potential for higher income

2.   It helps you advance in your career
3.   It increases your level of confidence
4.   Increased job skills leads to increase job security
5.   You gain the respect of colleagues and bosses
6.   It increases technical know-how

Bottom line
“Do something today that your future self will thank you for” Anonymous