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Today, I will share a thought on the sense of self.
The dictionary puts the meaning as the perception of oneself, that is, a sense of one’s self-image. I like to put it as how you see yourself, and what you consider your worth to be.

Why is it important to build a strong sense of self?
Life brings many circumstances our way, without a strong self of self, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and perhaps depressed with yourself. What that means is that, when you feel any form of instability in your life, you begin to see yourself as the problem. People who have a strong sense of self know what they want for themselves and they pursue it without questions. They are able to stand up for themselves and thrive even in the midst of unfortunate circumstances.
It’s equally hard to believe you are worth anything good if you have no sense of self. People who have no sense of self take anything that is thrown at them, mostly because they don’t think they are worth better. In other words, without a strong sense of self, you are likely to lack a good self-esteem and a high level of confidence.
To build healthy relationships, you must also have a sense of self and clear identity. A consistent, strong and positive sense of self says people can trust you and build intimate relationship with you.

How to build a positive self-image
Your self-image is your own statement to the world and that is why you must be careful to build a strong, positive and confident self-image. You want people to believe the best about you. You want to go and leave long lasting positive impression about you in the minds of people. To do this, it comes by taking great care to build a positive image.
Here are five must do things to build a positive self-image
1.       Believe in yourself
You must believe that you are strong and important, that you are worth every good thing because as a man thinks in his heart of himself, so is he.
2.       Accept yourself
If you constantly judge yourself and never consider yourself good enough, it’s very likely you’re looking at yourself through someone else’s mirror. The first step to building a positive self-image is to accept yourself as you are. Once you do that, to chart the path of greatness is smooth and easy.
3.        Enjoy your “alone” time
The only greatest friend you can have is yourself, so learn to enjoy your own company. Shallow people never find time to being alone, they always look to other people for approval and dependency. We know that all the greatest people in history are deep thinkers, but they were able to discover and recreate when they were alone. Spend time alone as much as possible and never do so without a journal. Reflect, meditate and think. As you do so, you build depth of character and an independent spirit.
4.       Evaluate your values
What are your values? What do you consider the most important things in life? Your values says a lot about you. They give us an insight into your character and the kind of person you are, so evaluate your values. Ask yourself, is this what I want to be known for? Do my values give the accurate description of who I am? If not, re-evaluate!
5.       Proper grooming

Grooming is one of most important physical aspect of building a positive self-image. Proper grooming gives you the emotional boost that you need to stay positive. If you dress great, you feel great and act great!

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