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Good Morning Brilliant and Excellent People,

I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals and fulfilling your Purpose.

On April 2nd, the BPE team of Solomon’s Empire had the First team building activity for the year 2018. It was fantastic! But more importantly, it was highly informative. There was a lot of talk on learning, on value and on impact that last.

Today however, I want to share with you some of the thoughts shared at that meeting which I believe will be of immense benefit to you.

·         Purpose: it is important to find purpose in whatever you put yourself to do. Whatever is worth your time should also be worth find out why and what. Why you have to be a part of it? What the purpose of that thing is in proportion to your life goals? A man once said, when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. In order not to abuse the opportunities in our life, or throw away the life changing options life presents, it is absolutely important to first find out purpose, then, you will also be able to define the kind of relationships that come into your life, the kind of places or associations you keep, and a lot more. Life makes more sense then!

·         Young people and the power of change: perhaps the largest group of all time in history possessing the power of change are young people. They are creative, passionate and certainly have the strength to push through in difficult times. Young people also have the zeal to learn and can easily unlearn threatening behaviours.

·         The power of observation and documentation: the greatest force of the universe is observing and documenting. A powerful case study is King Solomon of the Bible, he wasn’t a man given to spectacular actions but he is considered a very wise man and at the top of his wisdom was his ability to document events throughout his lifetime that challenges every area of life even till this modern day. Needless to say, the lessons shared in his documents have real life application in almost every human endeavour upon the earth. In the same way, by taking extra effort to observe and document the events, experiences, facts and truths that happens, not necessarily in our own life, but in the world at large, we could be giving the next generation a bridge/ strategy to live their life to the fullest.

·         Life is about growing and making impact: it is not about making impact first and not growing, it’s about growing first and making impact next because like the popular cliché goes, you can’t give what you don’t have, can you? The cycle then continues, you grow in character, knowledge, strength, and poise then you impact your group, school, community or world as the case may be. And every time you do that, you add one more virtue to yourself.

·         Finally, the important of volunteerism: there is so much need in the world right now, most of which boils down to young people. Lack of knowledge, information, infrastructure, education or resources leads to bad decisions, the result of which we see in violence, teenage pregnancies, robbery, cyber-crime and the likes. For the most part, you have what it takes to change another individual’s life, whether it be your time, your wisdom, your experiences or your resources. When you join like-minded young people in an organised youth group, the multiplication effect of such can be very life changing. One of such organisation is Solomon’s Empire, where you can actually as an individual along with your team members begin to effect positive changes in your community.

 The list is endless and the information shared at this meeting was priceless, these are just nuggets. To be a member of the BPE team of Solomon’s Empire, kindly send a mail to

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