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One day, I stepped out of my house to go to work as usual and realised that something remarkable had happened to me. Just last month, I had low energy, low drive to do anything productive and certainly an even lower willingly to go to work. Along the line however, I decided I needed to stop! Not stop, as in, stop going to work but stop, as in enough of the excuses I gave myself to remain at an unproductive inefficient status. I had to do something and what I did is what I want to share today. “SHIFT”

Change they say is the only constant thing in life, this means that, if you or something in your life is not constantly changing and evolving to meet the demands of your responsibilities as a man or a woman, you lose value. To shift your position and change your status isn’t about moving from one title to another or one managerial seat to another, instead, today we’re talking about a shift in your mind-set, a shift in your personal space and a shift in your productivity.

A shift in your mind-set
Before anything remarkable was produce on the outside, it first existed in the mind. To shut down the greatest inventions yet to come then, you first must shut down the mind. We have seen people without hands and some without legs even but with a growth mind-set doing amazing things, likewise, there are countless people walking the face of the earth with complete body part and a limiting mind-set doing absolutely nothing.

The process by which a profound change in the way you process thoughts leads to an entirely new level of effectiveness and points to new directions can be called transformation. It is this sort of transformation, whereby there is a shift in your mind that ultimately leads to success. More than anything, your mind-set is the key.
Erroneous and fixed ideas and thoughts are what causes a decaying mind. When a person’s mind deteriorates to a point where change is no longer appealing to them, you know there can be big problems. 

The growth mind-set encourages learning and relearning. Many of the most successful people we celebrate in our world are readers. Opera Winfrey for example is known for her famous ‘Oprah book club’ in 1989 but way before she became the book lover that we all love, she had always been a reader. The one book she admits to changing the course of her life was ‘The Seat of the Soul’ written by Gary Zukav. Like Oprah, books have the power to change the direction of your life by shifting your mind-set to think outside of the box. Books have the ability to inspire you to action. “The books Steve Jobs read, particularly as a teen and college student, helped expose him to the ideas and experiences that would serve as Apple’s foundation years later.” Huffpost

For further reading, written by Dean Del Sesto:
Shift your Thinking: 200 ways to improve your life.
Shift points: Shift your thinking, change your life.

A shift in your personal space
This is in no way advocating for making your personal space more comfortable, on the contrary, a change in your personal space is a call to step out of your comfort zone. Think of something you want to achieve and go for it. Life is about making daring decisions and daring decisions will certainly involve some measure of risk. However, it is those who have done things with high risk that has the greatest level of success.
Some people will never step out and dare themselves unless something or someone comes to disturb their place of comfort. That is I believe that trying times are sometimes good for man. For the most part, it disturbs your resting position and often leads to innovation.

A great level of change can occur once you decide to shift positions and take daring risk. Change in ownership of properties, lands and buildings, change in business ideas and strategies, change in educational status and sometimes managerial status, even change in marital status, but it is important to know that nothing ever happens unless there is a shift.

A shift in productivity
Especially for many young people, mediocrity seem to a way of life. This must never be! Every young person must always look forward to delivering their best, regardless of how far it stretches you. If you are easily encourage to outperform yourself, find someone who can be committed to your growth. A shift in productivity requires something out of the norm, that is, if you are used to doing things one way, find out other ways that work that is faster and more productive. If you dress in a certain way, change your wardrobe and look different, it adds up to your confidence level. If you approach business a certain way, try something new and different. The most important is that it must all add up to an increase in your productivity, at work, in school or at life generally.
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