Why not make impact with your surpluses?

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As a child, my guardian would always scold me for wasting food or having leftovers after my meals. ‘’Stop wasting your food! Don’t you know there are many people out there who don’t have food to eat?” she will shriek. I lived with the mentality that having leftovers after my meal was unacceptable, or even a sin to waste food because many people didn’t have what to eat. This kept my eating habits in check; a child had to obey instructions right? But I never really understood this instruction I was forced to obey.

As I became older, I began to deliberate on this subject. I understood clearly that wasting food was a bad behavior and I also knew that millions of people out there barely had enough to feed on, but I had one question…Why didn’t grandma give out my leftovers to people who didn’t have enough to eat rather than indirectly scold me for their misfortune? She made it seem like finishing up my meal would put food in the stomach of the hungry. I also learnt in Sunday school that we shouldn’t worry about the food, water or clothes we need because God already knows and will provide them for us (Matt 6:31-32), then my little mind wondered why she didn’t just give out the excess to the poor. Perhaps, my dear, she needed some exposure and insightful information in order to do more acting than speaking!

Recently, I saw a documentary about children suffering from undernutrition. According to UNICEF as at October 2017, an estimate of 2.5million Nigerian children under the age of 10 suffer from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) and 420,000 children die from food poisoning as a result of eating contaminated food, such as decomposed food from waste bins and unhealthy places, even most adults were found suffering the same fate. There is hardly a single day of our lives we do not come across starving and less privileged people.

People who have excess resources want to acquire even more when there is little or nothing for others to live on. I’ve met people who claim to be storing and acquiring more wealth, not just for their own consumption but so that their children and generation unborn can partake in their wealth (Little do they know that when a child is born and meets resources readily available and at his disposal, you make such child dull, shallow minded, lazy, and unable to utilize their God given gifts and potentials.

This clearly means generating and storing wealth for a generation unseen and even unsure of, whereas a seen and physically available multitude of adults and children suffer from hunger and lack of basic needs every day. Note that the basic needs of an average human being consist of food, shelter, clothing but some people still do not have access to these basic needs.

Why store up excess resources when you can channel them to make an impact in the lives of others?

Why store up excess wealth and assets that are not basic human needs for survival when we can channel them to those in need.  Of course, this is life, and there is no doubt that one person would always be richer than the other. However, when it comes to the basic needs for survival, there should be enough to reach even the common man. In other words, I simply mean that not every human being will be rich or wealthy, but everyone should have access to these basic needs.

I strongly advice that surplus resources be utilized appropriately and channeled to make an impact on others.   Let us try to live by what my Sunday school teacher taught me in Matt 6:31-32. Whatever you have in excess should be given to those in most need of it. Be a devoted giver, give your old blessings so that new ones can come in. Decongest your space for the benefit of others and enjoy wisdom to create more wealth and resources.

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