We become what we do

What we do repeatedly, we eventually become (D.O.K)

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For so many years, I had bad results whenever we host the community tennis tournament despite the fact that I practice so hard few weeks to the tournament.

Then I decided to talk to a coach who advised me play minimum 5 times in a week and apply the 10,000 hours theory.  I took to his advice and the result is ; I do not have to practice hard weeks before tournament to win competitions because the game is now part of me. 

Humans are the sum total of habits. What we do consistently is not far from who we become in character and value. That’s why we actually get better at a skill that we practice over and over, it moves from becoming what you do to who you are. Ask a skilled person what he does and he replies, “I AM a Footballer”, or “I AM a Psychologist”.


The 10,000-hour rule

Malcolm Gladwell explains in his book The Outliers, that to achieve Mastery or to become World-class in any field, you must have put in 10,000 hours of consistent practice. Great extraordinary success comes from spending lots of time mastering your craft, nothing else.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit —Aristotle

To initiate excellence, it starts with making it a habit. You’ll make anything a habit if you do it repeatedly, consistently. This means paying attention to details, always striving to do the best that you can in any situation and being a better version of yourself daily. You’ll develop a skill for the things you do often. Choose what they are wisely, and watch yourself grow in leap and bounds. Think about it, what you are today is a

It sounds like a lot of work and yes it is, but only at first and then it becomes who you are.


There is honor in a life lived with achieved dreams and fulfilled expectations. There is nothing admirable in a life filled with ‘I wish I could have done that…’ experiences. If you have dreams and goal of being something great, it starts from taking small baby steps. It is action- what you do, that changes things not what you wish you did or could have done.

The decision to act— to do something is what determines all great accomplishments.

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