Are you proud of your achievements?

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While growing up, I remember times I took things without permission just to satisfy my urge or running off to play ball with other kids without the approval of my guardians even when homework was still pending.

Fast forward to when I started working, I remember the days I went off work without permission or by calling in sick and getting a doctor’s report to back up my claims just to get rest days whenever I wanted or didn’t just feel like being at work.

In all the cases mentioned above, though I still achieved whatever I wanted at that point in time, but the truth of the matter is; there is a kind of satisfaction derived when I get the right approvals in any of the three cases mentioned. Either approval to visit a friend, or approval to stay off work, I tend to achieve a lot without any form of tension or consequences for my actions.

Though I still got to do what I wanted but it’s not the same feeling. One always comes with a feeling of security and love while the latter is always accompanied by some level of guilt, shame and regrets.

In all my years of experience, I can testify that it is one thing to be successful and have a line-up of achievements that were acquired through honest, hardworking means or any of such category. It is another to look back over the years and not have one trustworthy legacy to leave by. These things happen in politics, education and even religious houses.

The question then is, how much of your achievements are you proud of?

Each of us need to understand the satisfaction derived from value based achievements. There are no shortcuts to success. Our children need to hear it and grow with the mindset that they can have whatever they desire if they are willing to put in the WORK. They can be great ambassadors , respected and widely acclaimed, and don’t need to pay their way to get there. Nothing built through crooked means lasts forever. Young and old alike, need to develop value systems built around honesty, innovation, and hard-work. That’s when you can defend your achievements and leave a great legacy behind.

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