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Beauty and the Beast is one cartoon that we are all familiar with in some way. The story line is such that a young beautiful girl, Belle embarked on a trip to save her father from a hideous Beast named Gaston. This Beast however was not always a Beast, at some point in his life, he was a handsome prince, cursed by an old witch who turned him to a hideous Beast. Now Beauty does not know the history of the Beast, she did not know that he wasn’t born a Beast, Beauty did not know that he was once a handsome prince with loyal servants and a vibrant kingdom. All that Beauty knows is the present; a hideous Beast with very bad attitude and a anger that erupts very quick.

The story line took a turn when Beauty became patient with Gaston and went on a journey of discovery, finding out from the characters in the house, the kind of person he was, why he was always angry and sad at the same time. The best part of the movie was when Beauty realized who Gaston was in his core. The moment Beauty realized that beyond all the aggression and ugliness on the surface, there was beauty and joy inside of him, her attitude and reactions changed towards the Beast. On the outside nothing had changed, Gaston was still the angry ugly Beast, but now Beauty had seen something, taking time to know her host, she realized he wasn’t who she taught she was and something changed for her.

There are different quotes about time. Time, they say will tell. Time heal all wounds. Time changes things and etc. It could be difficult to define time which echoes how physics define time as ‘what the clock reads’. Albert Einstein in his opinion says time is an illusion, a dividing line between the past, the present and future events.

Thinking about the story of Beauty and the Beast, one of the most important lesson I learnt that I want to share today is this principle of time, of how time is effective and can be maximized in three different areas of our lives.

Time in knowing other people

In life, we are faced with people that represent the Beast, your boss, your spouse or an annoying neighbor. It doesn’t really matter who the person is, but the principle is the same, it takes time to know anybody, no matter who they are.

In its simplest form and from the story of Beauty and the Beast, time is all that is needed to know an individual. Time helps to reveal the true core of a person which gives an in-depth knowledge of them which helps you to decide to love or not. That beastly facade could hide a kind and sensitive core. In the world today, everyone is afraid of being seen as weak and gentle, so we all hide behind that stern look, harsh words, hard demeanour to portrait who we want people to see us as. Bottom line is, never assume anything. Like it is said, nothing is truly what it appears to be. Only time would tell!

Time in professional experience

Professionally speaking, time is how you garner experience. The difference between a fresh school graduate and a consultant is time. One has invested time and energy over the years to become world sought after. Every one of us have hopes and aspirations to become the best at our careers, make lots of money and sit among the high and mighty but only a few of us want to sow time. There is no growth without an investment and to reap professionalism and command respect in your circle, you must spend time to read, listen, work, learn, re-learn. In order words, you must invest time to perfecting your art.

Time in maximizing opportunities

At the macro level, opportunities come to those who prepare. To prepare, timing is a big factor. The timing have to be just right for that big opportunity to yield its full benefit. Opportunity plus preparation equals success but preparation cannot take place absent of time and by allowing time, we are also able to know whether an opportunity is good for you or not.

In conclusion, in every aspect of life, understanding the factor of time is absolutely important and one must be patient in every endeavour to get the best of it.

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Happy new week friends,

I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals, fulfilling your Purpose and making the world a better place.

“Not many people knew Mark Zuckerberg before Facebook until you reach a point where you are regarded as successful, an expert, or as a pro, you may have to go through the better part of the journey alone.” D.O.K

In one of our previous articles, we discussed how to build a personal brand, but this particular piece will explain the essence of having the right brand attitude. Many times we are familiar with organization brands. If I mention Apple, you immediately know what they do and who they are. The personal brand works the same way, except that it is about an individual and not a corporate brand.

Personal branding is the way you promote yourself to the world. It is a daily unveiling of your personal values and what you stand for. The Promotion of the combination of your skills, ability, and talent to the world. It is the unique combination of your skills and experiences that the world sees in you whenever you are represented. It is also the reflection of your conducts, behavior, words and attitude.

The Journey of building a brand

This journey is a process, this process doesn’t come easy. On your way to building a successful brand, nobody may know you. In fact, your work may never be acknowledged by anyone. You may even be looked upon as a time waster who doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Be encouraged. Everyone who has made something tangible with themselves has a story of rejection to tell, it never came easy. As a matter of fact, your story of success will not be worthwhile if there was no experience for which you have risen.

Not many people knew Mark Zuckerberg before Facebook. Until you reach a point where you are regarded as a successful expert, or as a pro, you may have to go through the rough part of the journey alone.

Once you reach the point of being an expert or a pro, the point where you have built your personal brand up to a credible level, you become a sought after.

Tiger Wood is a perfect example, the moment he began to record monumental success in his career as a golfer, he began to receive endorsement opportunities from many brands. He became a sought after, he became everybody’s game man.

Your Brand and Your Attitude

It is impossible to talk about personal brand and not talk about attitude. In developing a brand, it is very important to watch your attitude. Your personal brand is not complete without the right attitude to go with it. Tiger got so much endorsement from relevant companies. The partnership blossomed for a decade until his scandal, he lost his endorsements to a large extent.

In other instances, wrong approaches towards life and people, addiction or unpleasant demeanor could tarnish your brand image. Your brand attitude determines your place, pace, and end of your race.

 It is s a daily routine

Working on building your personal brand as well as expressing a brand attitude is a work daily, a conscious continuous daily work. As you focus on the uniqueness of your brand, your attitude will emerge. Don’t shrink back from being who you are, instead, consciously correct any wrong attitude that you may observe in yourself.

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Happy new week friends,

I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals, fulfilling your Purpose and making the world a better place

I sat down and searched my thoughts on today’s article but my mind was quite blank as I have not been mindful to my thoughts and intentions for some days.

What does it mean to be mindful?

Wikipedia defines mindfulness as the process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and through other training. It means that for every present action, you are consciously aware of yourself, your intentions, your environmental. Mindfulness is a practice of intentionally paying attention. Paying focus and deliberate attention to a thought or task.

I wrote sometimes last year on the difference in the picture quality of a professional photographer and any other person using the camera. The intention and mindfulness of the act of photography make the quality different. They may use the same camera and take the picture in the same location and same time of the day but you will be able to differentiate between the pictures from a professional photographer and that of someone who’s just taking random pictures.

It is very important to know why you focus and pay attention to certain things at the cost of others. Our underlying intentions behind our behaviors are vital in creating outcomes and consequences results.

We need to learn that intention shapes the nature of the whole action itself. The intention itself strongly influences your moment-by-moment experience and state of mind.  Acting with intention allows you to be purposeful, directed, and true to your values and committed to your goals. Acting without intention in the present moment is acting without being mindful, reacting to internal and external cues. It is acting while blindfolded.

What are your intentions for today? How would you like to behave today to act in accordance with your true values, your goals for the future, and your vision of your future self? As you go through the day, take a moment to pause and reflect upon how each behavioral choice that you are making throughout the day is being guided by your intentions. If you notice that you have acted carelessly (i.e., without being mindful), take notice of this and use it as an opportunity to consciously set your desired intention.

Why be mindful?

There are several benefits of being mindful, according to Harvard help guide, Mindfulness can improve emotional and physical well-being. It can dramatically improve a person’s state of mind as well as relieve stress and anxiety.

Because being mindful is an act of being intentional, it is a skill that can be transferred to other areas of life. You can be mindful of your health, the food you eat, your attitude, the way and manner you relate with other people. All of this general contribute to improving the quality of your life.

Every day, you have the power to choose to act with conscious awareness, driven by pure intention or to act in a fog, driven by impulses and reactive to environmental stimuli.  Use today as an opportunity to mindfully get in the driver’s seat and deliberately set your course towards your true goals and aspirations.

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