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“Not many people knew Mark Zuckerberg before Facebook until you reach a point where you are regarded as successful, an expert, or as a pro, you may have to go through the better part of the journey alone.” D.O.K

In one of our previous articles, we discussed how to build a personal brand, but this particular piece will explain the essence of having the right brand attitude. Many times we are familiar with organization brands. If I mention Apple, you immediately know what they do and who they are. The personal brand works the same way, except that it is about an individual and not a corporate brand.

Personal branding is the way you promote yourself to the world. It is a daily unveiling of your personal values and what you stand for. The Promotion of the combination of your skills, ability, and talent to the world. It is the unique combination of your skills and experiences that the world sees in you whenever you are represented. It is also the reflection of your conducts, behavior, words and attitude.

The Journey of building a brand

This journey is a process, this process doesn’t come easy. On your way to building a successful brand, nobody may know you. In fact, your work may never be acknowledged by anyone. You may even be looked upon as a time waster who doesn’t know what he’s doing.  Be encouraged. Everyone who has made something tangible with themselves has a story of rejection to tell, it never came easy. As a matter of fact, your story of success will not be worthwhile if there was no experience for which you have risen.

Not many people knew Mark Zuckerberg before Facebook. Until you reach a point where you are regarded as a successful expert, or as a pro, you may have to go through the rough part of the journey alone.

Once you reach the point of being an expert or a pro, the point where you have built your personal brand up to a credible level, you become a sought after.

Tiger Wood is a perfect example, the moment he began to record monumental success in his career as a golfer, he began to receive endorsement opportunities from many brands. He became a sought after, he became everybody’s game man.

Your Brand and Your Attitude

It is impossible to talk about personal brand and not talk about attitude. In developing a brand, it is very important to watch your attitude. Your personal brand is not complete without the right attitude to go with it. Tiger got so much endorsement from relevant companies. The partnership blossomed for a decade until his scandal, he lost his endorsements to a large extent.

In other instances, wrong approaches towards life and people, addiction or unpleasant demeanor could tarnish your brand image. Your brand attitude determines your place, pace, and end of your race.

 It is s a daily routine

Working on building your personal brand as well as expressing a brand attitude is a work daily, a conscious continuous daily work. As you focus on the uniqueness of your brand, your attitude will emerge. Don’t shrink back from being who you are, instead, consciously correct any wrong attitude that you may observe in yourself.

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