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I listened to a Catholic Parish priest’s sermon this weekend sharing several stories and experiences. This one got me and I have decided to share it with you today. He shared a story of how he got to meet a couple at the gym. The husband was a Buddhist and the wife was a Christian. The Man who was a Buddhist complained to him about so many atrocities committed by Christians and how they discourage people with their characters, action, and words. This is not the story. Now the most interesting part was this; the Buddhist invited the priest to his house for dinner and after dinner, they decided to pray. The priest was invited into the family’s praying closet where they have an altar, on the altar, he noticed that the statue of Jesus and that of Buddha were hanged side by side on the altar. The priest asked the Buddhist why he did this and he responded, “If Jesus and Buddha cannot leave together in peace, then how do you expect myself and my wife to live together in peace and harmony’’.

Although there is some humor in that story, the truth is that in many ways we have lost our tolerance for each other. Regardless of religion or tribe, in our core, we all are human with the same basic needs and affection. In the story above, a representation of Jesus and Buddha standing side by side represent two people although with different thoughts and ideals of life yet are in many ways not different except in opinion.

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Love and Respect then must be the strongest force there is on the earth. A singular force so strong it can overcome the prevailing idiosyncrasy and cause two mutually exclusive people to be on the same level of love and having a deep connection to their humanity. Although we were not told how many years these couples have been together, it is obvious that despite the varying ideals of each other’s religion, they have managed to stay together happily.

And that is the way I believe things can advance at whatever level, a small team, a group, or an institution. It is moving beyond the things that hold us back and focusing on the very things that bring us together- our shared humanity.

The principle of Love and respect is universal, it is beyond the simple need to live together, it is simply advancing our relationship with other people based not on our deferring opinion or lifestyle but based on how we want to be treated as humans primarily.

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