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I’ve been thinking about this story and have concluded that I needed to share the story for the moral lesson it teaches that we can all learn from.

The story is that of a man who owns a farm on which the wife rears animals. She owns a goat, cow, hen, and rat. Each of her animals has a separate mini house which she cleans every morning. She also has a help who comes in from time to time to help out in caring for the animals. The animals are so used to this family that they never really wander away from home without finding their way back.

The woman on the other hand also loves her animals, she often allows them free entry and exit into the main house. She reckons that by doing this, the animals get to be more used to her and her family.

One day, the woman started to notice her food storage deplete, without touching it, portions of food were getting missing and she had no idea what was going on. She questioned her animals, each of them, very deeply but each denied, saying they had no idea what was going on and they do not know anything about the missing food. This went on for some time until the woman decided that she would investigate the matter by herself. She headed to the local store and bought herself a trap.

On her return, the rat caught sight of her and called a meeting among the other animals, “we need to find out what’s going on with the missing food.” He said

“Why?” The cow asked. “I am not responsible for it, my hands are clean.”

“So is mine.” The goat gloated.

“I don’t have time.” The hen said and cocked away.

“Wait” shouted the rat. “Our master has gone to buy a trap, I saw her, let’s discuss this before something bad happens.” He pleaded but nobody listened to her.

“I’ll be here when the trap destroys your right foot.” The cow mocked. “Let me be.” He scolded. Traps are for rats.

Unaware of what was going on among her animals, the wife set up the trap and went to bed. In the midnight, she awoke to a strange noise and decided to check, alas, her trap had caught the culprit. It was a snake.

The snake was so furious about the trap that it bit the woman before it was killed. Now the woman was hospitalized and needed medical attention. Her husband began to spend out of their savings and her condition improved slightly. The Doctor then called him and told him to get his wife a bowl of soup as she was beginning to gain an appetite. But the husband had run out of money. So, he went home and killed the hen to make chicken soup for his wife. But then, her condition became worse and they needed more money to treat her, so the husband went home and killed the goat, sold it meat by meat in order to pay his wife’s hospital bills. Eventually, the woman died.

The man now had to think of funeral expenses, the cow was used for the funeral.

Only the rat was left, wishing that the other animals had listened to him when he called their attention.

In this story is some insight I would like to share:

  1. Never think of a matter as insignificant: Perhaps if the cow, the goat, and the hen had listened when the rat raised concern over the missing food, they may have been able to see what the woman wasn’t seeing and intervened, thereby saving their lives and that of their master’s.
  2. Be open to new information: even if the information doesn’t concern us, it may be a good tip-off to someone who really needs to hear it. Take every information as a gift that you can give to help other people.
  3. Never assume: the other animals obviously think that the rat was responsible for the missing food and were all waiting to see him get caught in the trap so they could mock him. As a rule of thumb, whenever a situation is going on that you don’t understand, never assume. First, find out the facts and base your judgment on that. If you are unable to find out the facts, then don’t take any decision.
  4. Always Listen: Listening is a vital skill that can help you grow wiser. People who listen are able to gain understanding very fast than people who talk too much. Listening also helps to know the true intent of the speaker beyond what was spoken. Listening involves watching body languages such as the movement of the hands, the emotion behind the voice, the mannerism and co.

I hope that you find these lessons insightful and can begin to implement it in what you do. Can you identify other lessons from the story? Kindly comment below and we will add them.

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