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I was surprised to see repeated missed calls from a friend. Our last conversation was over 6months and I remember the compliments he gave me. “You now have a very good body structure, you are really determined”.

I used to be in the same drinking club with Charles where we gather after our long day at work to drink a minimum of 4 bottles of beer before going home. And although it was always fun discussing, laughing and drinking, we consumed more bottles than we ever worked out. 

Later on, I started a project which needed me to work with a completely different set of people. Our meeting time, unfortunately, coincides with the time I spend with my friends drinking. Because the project was more important to me, I had to meet up with them for 3 months. We held our meetings at one of the sports facility within our community. Whenever I got there, I had to wait for them to finish their sessions before we got started. Eventually, I decided to join the sessions rather than waiting and this was one of the best decisions I made.

Three months after, we concluded the project and to my surprise, I had to do a complete change of wardrobe as I realized that I had lost major calories and my clothes were not fitted. I visited my old friends and they were all amazed at my transformation.  Yes, it was not that my new friends do not drink but they were more disciplined and were conscious of their intake and their energy conversion rate.

While others simply commented, Charles was motivated to plan to also curb his excesses. He was actually calling me this weekend to show off his new body structure.

Friends, it is not business as usual. We need to hang around people who will give our lives more meaning and take us out of our comfort zones. A popular quote says, “You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ― Roy T. Bennett.

Our comfort zone is not a place of growth, it is not a place of advancement. The man especially will mostly not make any contributory change in his life except forced to, which is why, sometimes, when adversity comes, they are blessings in disguise because they push us to the next new thing that we otherwise would not have reached for were the adversity not there.

Some kinds of friends bring out the best in us, some don’t. it is the responsibility of each man to ensure that he surrounds himself with the right kind of people, people who model the future he has in mind for himself or people who are also on their way there. Nothing exists in isolation, every great invention was the result of minds working together and so is every great stupidity.

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Also, when something is good, feels good and has value in it, nobody tries to hide it. As a salesman, when you’re trying to get a client to buy a product you know will soon become the most sought after, you don’t run after the client, you don’t become beggarly and helpless. In your conversation will be confidence and show-off. This same is true for men, in this case, we ourselves are the products. Working on ourselves brings out the gold in each of us, once the gold becomes visible, our confidence level shoots up, our approach to life changes, our attitude changes, our conversation changes and so is the kind of people we move with. When I started to see how the sessions I was attending with my new partners were making a difference in me, both physically and mentally, I stayed committed to it, and when the reward came, I sought out my old friends and showed off a little. I wanted them to see the reward of my diligence. The same with Charles, my friend, his plan to curb his drinking excesses and commit to a healthy lifestyle must be paying off and now, he cants wait to show it to other people.

Getting out of your comfort zone towards your dreams, and persevering in the face of adversity until the reward is visible to everyone will get any individual far in life. Comfort zones are comfortable, so it will not be easy at first, almost impossible but stay with it, if you do, the reward will be far worth it in the end.

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