A New Beginning

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I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals, fulfilling your Purpose and making the world a better place.

Pascal walked out of the hospital with so much pain and also with his fate unknown. He has just gone for a medical checkup following a severe illness he suffered. He got home and could not sleep for the three days of waiting.

He woke up in the morning and he knelt down to pray, this is an act he has neglected 10 years ago since he started working with a multinational. He was immediately promoted and he was earning six-digit figures monthly. He went from pub to club, parties to hotels.

After praying, he got back to his early morning meditation and exercise, an act he neglected years ago as well. Pascal was a devoted Christian who hears from God every day. Now he hardly knows how and when God communicates with his beloved.

He reached for his music box, it was Steffany Gretzinger’s out of hiding place playing.

‘‘Come out of hiding, You’re safe here with Me; There’s no need to cover what I already see

You’ve got your reasons but I hold your peace; You’ve been on lock-down and I hold the key

‘Cause I loved you before you knew it was love And I saw it all, still I chose the cross
And you were the one that I was thinking of
When I rose from the grave

Now rid of the shackles, My victory’s yours. I tore the veil for you to come close
There’s no reason to stand at a distance anymore
. You’re not far from home

And now I’ll be your lighthouse when you’re lost at sea And I will illuminate everything

No need to be frightened by intimacy. No, just throw off your fear and come running to Me’’

The suffering people experience when they are sick can help them grow closer to Jesus, Pope Benedict XVI said in his message for next month’s World Day of the Sick.

Sickness is an opportunity for God to be glorified and for observers to believe the power of healing. This perspective is easy to forget because sickness is often a struggle. The physical body can be extremely demanding. It can writhe in pain, convulse from seizures, sweat from fever, ache from infection, and fatigue from fighting cancer. Some feel so badly, they are ready to commit suicide. 

It is not too late for new beginnings and fresh starts. A fresh look at the future and all the wonderful possibilities it holds would make you have a reason to live again. These were the words he heard from the counselor he had an appointment with earlier in the day.  He thought it was over until he went back for his test the next day. The doctor told him he was still healthy and can live another fifty years if he lived healthy and disciplined.

The below tips can help you as well as recommended to Pascal;

  • Get In Shape.
  •  Get out of town.
  •   Rewrite your story.
  •   Invite new people into your life.
  • · Be disciplined about self-care.
  •   Quit what isn’t working for you.
  • Strengthen your relationships with the people who love you.
  • Take a course that teaches you something new.
  • Make a budget and stick to it.
  • Become invested in the process of change, not the outcome.
  • Forgive others, Forgive the Universe. Forgive yourself.
  • Look at how far you have come.

The Power of Your Mind

Your mind can be your best asset or your worst enemy. It is important you learn how to train your mind and your body to perform at its peak. Everyone has the ability to build mental strength. With practice, mental exercises could be the key to living a longer, happier life.

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