Good intentions are the basics of giving a gift, if the act of giving is not effective, the gift can rouse sour emotions.

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Some years back, my mentor gave me one of his expensive golf kit since he had several kits as we had almost similar hobbies and sports. The particular golf iron were of sleek design, and in excellent condition. Seeing how it met my needs, I was very grateful and immediately dropped my old kit. I was too excited to notice that I was playing above my handicap since I started using the kit.

By the time I noticed, I began to watch YouTube videos on how to use the golf iron and engaged the service of a Pro who eventually discovered that the golf iron I was using was the reason for my poor game. The irons were long because they were customized for my mentor who is far taller than I am.

Immediately I customized the length of the Irons and my game was up again.

While thinking about this experience, I started to realize the lessons that could be learnt that can make us better givers because I believe that no matter how much one gives, if on the other side, your good intention is seen as evil, your good work is not complete.  

We all want to be effective in our actions, to give a gift and know that it served it’s purpose and that we achieved the highest possible impact in the life of the receiver. When we give, it’s mostly from a place of love, of your beliefs, or out of a place of necessity- because you don’t need the item and maybe you need space for new ones, but whatever your reasons are, these two tips are worthy of note.

  1. When giving an item that you no longer find useful, ensure that it is at least in good condition. This applies to basic everyday use that may no longer fit your taste but can still be very useful for other people. If it needs to be washed and pressed, by all means do so. If there’s need for some minimal repairs, as much as you can, do so because it shows that you understand the receiver, and that you are sensitive enough to do the right thing.
  2. When giving a special item, a car or a special tool, always communicate the condition upfront. This is perhaps one of the most important principle and why is this important? Because it helps the receiver understand the history of the item and know the right steps to take towards resolving whatever issues the gift might have. A very good example is the gift of a car that has slight engine faults, if this history is not communicated, not only does it cost the receiver more, it can also portrays the giver as one who lacks integrity and should not be trusted.

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