The Power of Your Intentions

every action starts with an intention

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What sets good outcomes from bad outcomes is an Intention. It’s not merely a question of good or bad but of results.

The quality of pictures taken by a professional photographer and any other person with the same Camera is the intention behind their actions. For the professional photographer, he has the intention of making a good and quality picture while an average individual takes the picture casually.

The other day, a friend was saying to me how he walks a certain number of kilometer daily to get to his workplace, incredibly, I informed him that I cover half of same distance every day during my early morning workout. What is more interesting is that this friend of mine does not appear healthy and physically fit despite the kilometers he covers to work daily. But I kept getting muscular, strong and physically fit body. What made the difference – same action but different outcomes.

For one, amongst other things, the intention behind what we do sets the foundation for which other actions are taken. I am trying to say that one supersedes the other, in varying situation, both our action and intention are important and sometimes our actions are actually more important.  

Set daily Intentions

Intentions are not the same as goals. While goal focuses on what you have to do and achieve at a set time, intentions are about who you want to be and how you choose to impact the lives of others.

Having a conscious intention to the things you do or want to do can dramatically turn your life around making you happier and the pressure of “perfect” off you.

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