Rejection, a step closer to Success

People don’t trade money for the things they value their money more highly than, Every negative answer you get is as a result of your assumed or perceived value.   (D.O.K)

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Bridget, a very brilliant writer has never won any of the writing competitions she participated for years. Her piece was always rejected and with each rejection, she began to lose her confidence until she couldn’t write anything exceptional. When we met, I managed to share some tips with her, she was able to change her perspective, and today her piece is being used all over the world for international dance drama and stage performance.

People don’t trade money for the things they value their money more highly than. You are being denied a job simply because your value does not match the required expectation. Every negative answer you get is as a result of your assumed or perceived value. While you think about some rejection scenarios that may have happened to you in the past, ask yourself, was I worth their value? If your answer is no, it is a good thing to consider improving your skills and building your personal brand to be strong and positive. If your answer, however, is yes, then be encouraged because rejection creates opportunities for change and can be an advantage to step higher.

Image result for rejection step to successFeelings of rejection, fear, and negativity happen, and everyone goes through this cycle. In my experience, even though my job demands that I stay positive, there have been moments when I felt discouraged and disappointed, a few times I have had to question everything quietly as negative. If anyone tells you they are always positive and never experienced bad days, that is a fat lie. But I have learned to celebrate rejection and learned to take the energy of rejection and experience a shift in my brilliance, re-frame it and see it as a gift and blessing in disguise. Now I look at people who rejected me to have done me a favor, saved me time, energy and money and given me an invitation to grow.

It only takes you and you alone to catch your vision and drive it passionately. Understand that not everyone is going to appreciate you. So many people will not acknowledge your brilliance and will reject your genius and overlook your potential – and that can be a good thing depending on how you see rejection. Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star in 1919 because his editor said, he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Steve Job was rejected from his own company. Albert Einstein was seen as having no potential, he couldn’t speak and read early and was rejected by many schools but all of these individuals took their rejection and turned it around, they went on to make history such that their names are still on our lips till date.

How to handle rejection and turn it around

  1. Change the narrative in your mind: most of the time what cripples us after a rejection incident is the meaning you attached to it. Instead of seeing yourself as a failure and the cause of your problems, shift your focus to how you can move on and maximize the situation.
  2. Use it as a feedback option: if possible enquire the reasons behind the decision that was made, critically examine the response and see it from the eye of the other person. Once you learn your lessons and improve your strength, discard the rest of the response.
  3. Brave the possibility of rejection: instead of being afraid and refusing to step out of your comfort zone, dare yourself to change the narrative and see rejection as a good thing. People who have eventually succeeded in their field today were people who were all out, daring the odds and as the rejection mounted, so did their confidence to take the stakes up.

I challenge you today to put yourself out there and prepare for the next level of opportunities.

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