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My phone rang in the middle of the night and I was forced to wake up from my sleep. It should be an emergency at work I thought. I struggled to pick the phone and it was my friend who said he was celebrating his birthday at a community club and wanted me to join the party. I looked at the time again and it was 2.00 am.  I politely mentioned to him that I will not be able to attend since I was not informed earlier and also told him how I felt about the midnight call.

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Immediately I got off the line, I decided to view my call history and logs. I decided to write out each caller and estimated the reasons and value of each of the calls. I noticed that I have been having several conversations during the month that had no estimated present of future value.

I went further to evaluate the list of my friends and their contribution to my goals and I noticed that there was no correlation.  I knew I had a lot of work to do since it was clear to me that my network determines my networth.

The innate value of a network and what you get out of it can make or break your chances for development.

Your time is valuable and networking can be hit and miss if you cannot assess the value of your network first. Before you start networking, find out about the network and how it can help you move toward your goals.

Having a dream is important in life and having short goals that every day moves us closer to every day of our dream is even more important. In our previous article, we have emphasized the need to have a purpose or a dream and run with it, but it is also pertinent to mention that Whatever your desire is, you need to measure your daily activities towards the realization of this singular desire of your heart. It isn’t just about having a goal or writing down a mission statement, what you do or decide not to do every day all matters in the end to whether your desire will be fulfilled or not.

If you will make any significant impact in and with your life, your daily actions and inactions must be reviewed for change (D.O.K)

I have come to realize this simple truth that what you do is not far from who you become. It is as simple as what you spend your time doing, you become good at, so it boils down then to how you spend your time. In a single day, you have only 24 hours, at the end of this 24 hours, the summation of what you have done that day will show if you are setting yourself up for success or for failure when it comes to fulfilling your dream or your desire. Let’s review these everyday actions that impact on our goals.

  1. Your call log: these are the people you are in daily contact with, your association, your close network. These people are very integral to the person you become and whether or not your dreams will come true. Do these people challenge you? Do they inspire you or are they just gist lovers, you know, friends that like to carry around the latest gist. If we check your call log, what kind of people are we going to find? If they are the kind that helps you to take those baby steps to fulfill your dreams then congratulations, if otherwise, then you need to review contact list as quickly as possible.
  2. Your financial statement: how you spend your money is also very key. People who have shown to be prudent with money eventually succeed when they are in management roles, be it at work or in government or even in education. Let’s have a look at your financial history and see what percentage of your money goes to what. In many cases, you can always know via a person’s financial history whether a man is as honest as he says he is.
  3. Your diet: our body thrives on good food and good rest. Feeding it with junk is a sign that you do not take what you have seriously. It doesn’t matter how lofty your dream is if you are not in good health either as a result of what you eat or how you rest, there isn’t much that can be done. So to enjoy the progress of your dream, watch what you feed your body!
  4. Your library: what books are you reading? I once heard my pastor say, read a book at any time and you gain knowledge but read that book in a moment of crises and you gain instruction. In this case, there are no crises but there is a desire or a dream in your heart. If you read a book tailored in that direction, you will gain plenty of wisdom and instruction on how to bring that dream to reality.


Networks grant access. Access increases opportunities. Capitalizing on opportunities leads to success. Timing and talent are important factors, but having the right network to leverage when you need it vastly improves your probability of success. 

Many people have big dreams and great desires to be this and that, but only a few take the due diligence to ensure that their daily actions are in line with their endpoint.

Don’t just do nothing, start daily, start today to consciously set yourself up for success!


Happy New Week friends,

I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for
attaining your goals, fulfilling your Purpose and making the world a
better place.

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You probably haven’t heard of Roger Bannister who first broke the record run of a mile under four minutes in 1954. This was considered impossible due to the physical limitations of the human body. But hey, Bannister rose above that standard giving way for possibilities where it was once nonexistent. Right after he proved it was possible, the limitation barrier wake removed and sixteen runners had accomplished hat same record by the end of 1957. What changed? Reference level!

Also, before Barak Obama became the president of the United States, he had taken several political steps the social mindset termed standard and unattainable due to the indirect undertones of racism in the US at that time. In fact, he was often called the black Senator. However, on becoming the president, he stopped being a black or coloured. He simply became Barak Obama – a name that would later be reckoned with even in Africa and the world at large. What changed? Reference level! He progressed against odds and didn’t even stop at wins that appeared milestone enough. He rose beyond the STANDARD.

Often, we are blinded to see that we can do much more if we just grow past the measurement of our past successes or deeds. We wallow in the abundance of what people think of us and how much recommendations we get from men in high placeson forgetting that we can always STAND on what the world call STANDARD.

Progress is not a cliché. Just as the word implies, it’s a process of exceeding limits. It is just like learning; never-ending except you decide never to.

The not-so-biggie but actually a biggie in the long run about reference level is that it becomes a comforting limitation to break boundaries. You’ll always make excuses of previous wins and successes forgetting that it took you enough time get what you did and it’ll take you more indurating efforts to do more.

Just to remind you, your actions and persistence on that one thing may create a mindset shift in your community or country. Sometimes, it takes raising ourselves high enough before we can be able to raise a barrier.

Globalization has made it easier to see that that there are a lot of barriers waiting to be raised; belief systems, socio-cultural conditioning, economic and financial perspectives, etc.

Here are tips on how to raise our bar levels;

  • Meet people.
  • Try many things and learn from whatever the outcome is.
  • Read, travel, and utilize the advantages of the internet and be engaged in intelligent conversations.
  • Evaluate yourself always.
  • Get a mentor.

Hope to see you on the other side of the bar!

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God bless Nigeria (2)

The sound of the band and the melody form the brass echoed the air. The police band were rehearsing the National Anthem in preparation for the Independence day ceremony which is celebrated 1st of October.

They meant every word as they sang, I could see the zeal and commitment to their utterances. These promising youth were determined on contributing their own efforts to the development and growth of my nation.

It is believed that whenever a country gains its freedom or independence, one of the first things established is a national anthem. And this is because a ‘National Anthem’ signifies the nation’s status on which people pride themselves.

Thus, countries like France that prides itself on freedom in their anthem. While the likes of Germany, who at a time stood supreme, exalts itself above all.

But there are other countries like Ghana who, instead of pride, prays to God for guidance in their anthem…and her sister, Senegal, renders praise to mother Africa.

Our Anthem in Nigeria is a call to arise and serve our nation in peace, love and unity.

The national anthem is a “generally patriotic musical composition that evokes and eulogizes the history,traditions and struggles of its people, recognized either by a nation’s government as the official national song,or by convention through use by the people.” 

When singing the anthem, everyone of us is calling on one another to arise.Firstly, we are to see one another as compatriots. A patriot is a proud supporter or defender of his or hercountry and its way of life. A patriot loves his/her country with the whole of his/her life. A patriot is ready tolay down his life for his country. A patriot obeys all the laws of his land. A patriot is selfless, honest, loyal,and has unflinching support for his country.

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Which call is Nigeria calling us? The call to be a voice for the voiceless, help the helpless, and feed thepoor. The call for national peace, unity, harmony, and love. The call for national sanity, security, and integra-tion. The call to stop terrorism and religious intolerance. The call to enlighten the ignorant, train the youths,and judge the wicked. The call for national moral cleansing. The call to use your talents, gifts, resources, andpower for her development. The call to put aside every form of past hatred and indifferences and join handstogether to build a great nation  

We are called to serve sacrifiaially and obediently. Every one including lawyers, military officers, clerical staff, healthworkers, engineers, sportsmen, journalists, bankers, farmers, traders, ICT users and providers, vocationalworkers, in short, all professionals should render their services as expected. Do more for Nigeria than Nige-ria does for you

The labour of our heroes past through the use of  the pen, others the power of the sword, others the power of their voice, and yet others the strength of their actions should not be allowed to go in vain. We should desist from trampling on their memories and spit on their graves. If they lived in these times, would they have been motivated to fight or would they have sat folding hands in despair like most Nigerians do viewing our nation as unredeemable? Would they weep if they could see our misguided heroes-turned-terrorists or the would-be heroes banished permanently to the back seat of our minds because someone had told us it was better to live a miserable life than fight

Every little act, every minute spent, every words uttered, every event and every knowledge impacted has an effect on the growth of our great Nation Nigeria.

Every of our daily and individual action is a cause which produces effect on both our individual lives and the country as a whole.

Let us individually contribute positively to the growth and development of our country Nigeria.  It is not only about our leaders, we also have our parts to play.

Lets us continually make our pledge to our country Nigeria, to be faithful, loyal and honest. To serve Nigeria with all our strength. To defend her unity uphold her honour and glory. 

Ref; by Fawole Victor Ayomide Taiwo