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You probably haven’t heard of Roger Bannister who first broke the record run of a mile under four minutes in 1954. This was considered impossible due to the physical limitations of the human body. But hey, Bannister rose above that standard giving way for possibilities where it was once nonexistent. Right after he proved it was possible, the limitation barrier wake removed and sixteen runners had accomplished hat same record by the end of 1957. What changed? Reference level!

Also, before Barak Obama became the president of the United States, he had taken several political steps the social mindset termed standard and unattainable due to the indirect undertones of racism in the US at that time. In fact, he was often called the black Senator. However, on becoming the president, he stopped being a black or coloured. He simply became Barak Obama – a name that would later be reckoned with even in Africa and the world at large. What changed? Reference level! He progressed against odds and didn’t even stop at wins that appeared milestone enough. He rose beyond the STANDARD.

Often, we are blinded to see that we can do much more if we just grow past the measurement of our past successes or deeds. We wallow in the abundance of what people think of us and how much recommendations we get from men in high placeson forgetting that we can always STAND on what the world call STANDARD.

Progress is not a cliché. Just as the word implies, it’s a process of exceeding limits. It is just like learning; never-ending except you decide never to.

The not-so-biggie but actually a biggie in the long run about reference level is that it becomes a comforting limitation to break boundaries. You’ll always make excuses of previous wins and successes forgetting that it took you enough time get what you did and it’ll take you more indurating efforts to do more.

Just to remind you, your actions and persistence on that one thing may create a mindset shift in your community or country. Sometimes, it takes raising ourselves high enough before we can be able to raise a barrier.

Globalization has made it easier to see that that there are a lot of barriers waiting to be raised; belief systems, socio-cultural conditioning, economic and financial perspectives, etc.

Here are tips on how to raise our bar levels;

  • Meet people.
  • Try many things and learn from whatever the outcome is.
  • Read, travel, and utilize the advantages of the internet and be engaged in intelligent conversations.
  • Evaluate yourself always.
  • Get a mentor.

Hope to see you on the other side of the bar!

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