Creating Solutions to make Wealth

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“Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think..” Lanre Olusola

Do you know that real success and fulfillment comes from a problem? Yes, a problem. That’s how civilization came to be. Problem begat technology. Problems begat new world technologies. Problems are the real source of wealth.

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Your ability to discover a problem and in the long run provide a needed solution to it is a pathway of not just wealth but relevance. Virtually everything we use in this 21st century was not in existence centuries ago. Inventors devoted their time to discovering problems and this made a way for them and also gave the society a headway for developments.

Have you ever wondered what the world would have been without a bulb? What about a world without a camera? Or the world without hospitals? Or a world without Microsoft? Or a millennial age without social media? The success game changed so well and fast that nothing academic is worth it without an ability to solve a problem. It is a new smartness that rests on the soundness and quality of an individual.

Bob Lokken grew up in a rural Montana hamlet with a population not up to hundred. According to him, his growing up days taught him how to identify and solve problems. Due to his problem-solving potentials, he chose to study Engineering of which he dropped out of graduate school in order to join a start-up convincing himself that his quality is much more than the quantity of academic theories and papers. After few years with the startup, Lokken decided it was time for him to launch a company of his own. He co-founded ProClarity, a business intelligence company, and served as its CEO for several years. The company has grown so big over a decade and was eventually sold to Microsoft in 2006. After a successful exit, at age forty-six, Lokken had more money than he needed, and had enough time to do whatever he wishes to do with the rest of his life.

Due to his problem-solving aptitude, he began to list the big societal problems he thought he could affect at that time.  He shortlisted three big issues; education, energy, and healthcare which he later went on with. He quickly assembles a team to begin thinking about how he might make a difference. He and his team after their researches and devotion founded WhiteCloud Analytics, a company that provides valuable data services to the healthcare industry. That balanced problem-solving and moneymaking.

According to Lokken, when you proffer a solution to a problem, you are adding as much value as you can to the society. This is actually how money then flows and that’s smartness. Saving your future, saving the world.

The new smart is not what or how much you know but by the quality of your thinking, listening, relating, collaborating, learning and provisions of solutions. Quantity is being replaced by quality. This shift will enable us to focus on the hard work of taking our talents and problem-solving skills to a much higher level.


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I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for
attaining your goals, fulfilling your Purpose and making the world a
better place.

Loren Long is an American artist and illustrator who saw his passion and ambitions as a navigation towards what he was indeed meant to be. At the time he was to enter into College, his friends were choosing careers with guarantees of payouts but he, chose to pick art; his gift and passion as a career. He dedicated himself to his work, seeking and honing every available skills to refine his artistic whims & style. After sometimes, his reputation grew. One opportunity led to another and he was invited to create freelance illustrations for several national publications including Forbes and Times. In the midst of all these successes, Long became tired of what he called “keeping the pace of the rat race.” That same down period, he started receiving manuscripts from his Agent for a soon-to-be-published Adult book in need of a cover art. Reading the stories opened his eyes to the fact that all of his previous work experiences and skills gained were pointing him to one direction. In his words, “it was like a light went off in my brain, and I suddenly thought; that’s it, I’m meant to be a storyteller!”

Long went on to become a successful writer and illustrator of picture books, working with notables such as Madonna, former US President, Barak Obama etc… What set him up for this fulfillment was his preparation for change through skills, learning and relearning.

More and more, employers are evaluating candidates first and foremost based on their skills rather than on their previous job titles or formal degrees.

One thing that has left individuals hanging in their career pursuits and endeavors is creative nativity. You hear people say they’ve been working for a number of years and things don’t add up at some point any longer. For some, they get bailed out by their entrepreneurial tendencies & drive, while others just get stuck on a crossroad clueless. Such people climbed their career ladders without preparing for change and innovations that is non profitable.

While focusing on career development is a great idea, you should not forget that entrepreneurial skills should be developed. shouldn’t be just limited to your job alone. Sometimes, our job, passion or career is just a navigation towards what we are meant to become. There’s a way hobbies finetune your consciousness and expectations from life, this is why you give yourself to what interests you…but identifying beforehand the profitable potentials of your job or career then pushes you to know and seek more thereby improving your skills and sharpening your creativity. Creativity means learning skills and building on the foundation of your strength. You need to know that skill is the new money! The time has come where men would be paid based on what they can do & what they have to offer. The more skills you get, the more successful options you have.

Building a career along the path of your interests helps you to channel your energy into a course that you believe in, with that, even when the going gets tough, you are able to push on because you are in it for the passion and joy you get not just for the paycheck. People who have gone on to succeed in any endeavor have been people who built their skills along their interest or passion.

When Steve started Apple, there were many roadblocks, many reasons for him to turn around, made many mistakes and had struggles in his personal life to deal with, but in the face of his passion for Apple, those challenges didn’t stand a chance and now he is the celebrated as a tech giant all over the world.

How many of us have an idea, or a passion and haven’t taken a single step towards doing something, anything about it. Acquiring new skills and building yourself up in line with your interest will make you a success story.

“Suya made in heaven”

Happy New Week Friends,

I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for
attaining your goals, fulfilling your Purpose and making the world a
better place.

One of my regular hangouts spots many years ago when I just graduated from school was a Suya spot in my community. My friends call the suya “made in Heaven”. It was quite a walking distance from the car park to where the meat was smoked.

Suya is a spicy meat skewer which is a popular food item in West Africa. Suya is generally made with skewered beef, ram, or chicken. Innards such as the kidney, liver, and tripe are also used.

I think I have to confess that I had two ladies close to my heart at this time and on separate occasions, I have visited this joint with each of the ladies.

I remembered how I’d always gush over one of them. I do the calling, the chatting, the visiting and of course, the suya adventures. Whenever we get to the suya joint, I’m always the one ushering her, we drive down there, walk together from the car park to the suya spot, take gist together and all over each other tasting all that is to be tasted and munching all that is to be munched. It was very obvious that our romantic aura was that with a whole lot of bond.

The other lady on the other hand never had this sort of addictive closeness with me though much loved. There was a kind of lacuna that seemed to have stood right between us. It was all a “go sort it out, I’ll join you” kind of relationship. In fact, I almost lost my love and sentiments about my “made in heaven” just because of her.  

I’ve always then wondered why both experiences were the direct opposite of each other until recently when I discovered something about value and perception.

Do you know that the reason why you are treated the way you are [positively or negatively] is most time as a result of your perceived value? The respect, attention, love, praises you get is due to people’s perception of your value or worth either intellectually,  academically,  financially or any other perceived assumption.

In the case of my relationship, I came to realize the first lady was so much valuable. Her sound mind was non-comparable. You know that sort of intelligence that cut across all spheres even during an outing be it official and non-official. There’s a way she inspires me to do more due to how much she stands on what she believes and how much she’s always willing to work on herself and develop her values.  

The other lady, however, is the reason why I have come to understand so much about marketing and personal branding. Yes, she was a good vibe, but she was bereft of practical display of her values. She talks about being a lot of things but her behavior always contradicts that in every way. You see, one thing is your acclaimed values, another thing is what your behavior is saying about those values.  

Value in marketing, also known as customer-perceived value, is the difference between a prospective customer’s evaluation of the benefits and costs of one product when compared with others. Wikipedia

 “People don’t trade money for things when they value their money more highly than they value things.” Roy H. Williams

The same way people don’t trade money for things they value their money higher than, is the same way serious-minded people don’t trade their time for people they perceive to have fewer values or positive contributions to them.

This leads us to personal branding which is an action in people’s lives where they take an active role. There are tons of benefits that people can get from creating their brand. A person’s brand is an important part of a person’s career. Building a personal brand will make people feel comfortable around you and establishes trust. Once a person builds his reputation, it will help them to get more exposure and increased network and better connections. It helps gain credibility, authenticity, and  recognition in their area of expertise

This is how much your value and behavior should be intimate. That is what will give you the respect you never asked for. In fact, your self-esteem would be flying high.

The much ado about value is this, “You would be valued for your value, make people’s perception about you worth it”.