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Happy new week friends,

I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals, fulfilling your Purpose and making the world a better place.

Will Durant once said, “Nations are born stoic, but they die epicurean.”

Stoic because people could endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining –a point whereby they are consumed by the passion to breakthrough so much that they don’t bend.

Epicurean because months/years down the line, they are devoted to sensual enjoyment especially that which is derived from fine food and drink –a foundational attribute of merrymaking.

 Since individuals and organisations forms a society and nation, Will’s statement can be said of us also. As we attain achieve our goals, attain little height or become more prosperous, the tendencies for loosening up is always over the bar. We become a little less careful . . . a little more relaxed about our spending and how we use our time. The irony of diminishing returns set in and then, we are stuck again doing the same things we did to pull through success. Year in, year out, this scenario unconsciously plays itself out subtly in the life of the undisciplined so much that it is now a norm. Only the wise can contain this and slow the slide.


   2020 is here and one of the prevalent ritual or reality is the appraisal of the previous year. While this is interesting owning to the fact that whatever we ended the year with is either as a result of our actions or our inactions. Our recklessness is revealed because we have to plod the road we’ve been through again that’s why more than anything else more focus should be on sight and vision so as to avoid aimlessness and prepare adequately [this time] for the rainy days.

            I was reminiscing about the power of vision and how it navigates one towards the fulfilling of goals and dreams, then I discovered that sight is an underrated propellant of visions and dreams. Without sight, there is no vision and without vision, there is no goal not to talk of a clear knowledge of what the future holds.

            This time last year, a lot of people were preparing New Year resolutions with aims of achieving several things in 2019. However, resolutions are only productive if you open your mind to see an opportunity from a different perspective. That’s where “sight” comes in.


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   You might have failed or performed below bar in whatever you initiated or had in mind for 2019, however, seeing anew is learning from those failures through a meticulous analysis of why those plans of yours failed. By seeing anew in the year 2020, is to use a different approach to evaluate why you couldn’t meet up with your resolutions, plans or standard and then develop wiser ways to achieve them through learning from 2019 mistakes and experiences.

As you begin your 2020 journey, below are few things you should work on.

•    Procrastination

•    Low self esteem

•    Fear of failure & change

•    Over-promising and under-delivering

•    Complacency

Wish you a prosperous new year!

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