Restoring Hope by Making People Matter.

Good Morning Brilliant and Excellent People,   I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals and fulfilling your Purpose.

We got so much responses and request to share more on our earlier post about impact that outlives and we have decided to yield to your request today.


Your legacy is what you do every day, your actions, those who you have impacted, met and touched. Both in your neighborhood and the entire globe. Either through your words, actions, job, events, family, the list goes on.

Can we also remind ourselves that everyone wants validation, we all want to be seen and heard, when people are validated and they know what they say and do mean something to you, then they understand that they matter, that is the deepest reality and desire that we all share.

Often, in times of confusion, it seems like no matter how we try, something is bound to go wrong. When we believe that we do not deserve much happiness or success, hiding beneath the surface is the absence of hope.

Hope is grounded in reality and loss of hope is grounded in the past, old wounds, low self-esteem, negative beliefs, and disappointed expectations. These are phantoms of the mind and they are real because they fear they generate will protect us from further pains.

when someone is losing hope, they will find a solution if they are guided by a deeper reality within themselves, reassuring them that some external factor will solve their insecurity. More importantly, without basing your hope on present awareness, the fear of anxiety never goes away. Ideally, the part of self-awareness is opened through meditation. If this is not visible for other persons, you can still inspire hope in them. Remind them that they are strong and appreciated.

To make hope realistic to someone, you have to listen from the level of the heart. Don’t try to change a situation by your preconception. Let your insight to what is needed come up of its own accord. When you do speak, talk to the hope you see in the person and make it clear a present moment is a place of hope because it is the only place where change can happen.

Yesterday and tomorrow are only ideas. Your action plan is to bring no judgment or expectation but to offer help and share love and therefore keeping everything real. By your example, you show that the unknown is not fearful but an opening to renewal and change.

I put it to you again, what do you want to be known and remembered for? If you desire an impact that outlives, your legacy should be every lives you’ve touched.

Ignite the Power of Hope and Conquer your Fears

Father, I place to your hands, my friends and family,

Father, I place to your hands the things that trouble me

Father, I place into to your hands the person I should be

For I know, I always can trust you

We sang these lines repeatedly every night as we prepared to go to sleep during the 2020 pandemic (COVID -19).

One of the nights, I decided to ask my seven (7) year old daughter what the second line of the song meant to her. I asked her what are the things that trouble her. Her troubles were so minute that I knew they were things I already had solutions for even before she was born. They were things that could be settled in the next moment or the next day. I laughed because I knew she had no trouble.

Immediately, it occurred to me that this is the same way I have fears and concerns that were already taken care of by God. He tries to communicate this to me now and then, but my worries have overwhelmed me so much that I can not see that He has solutions to all my fears.

At this point, my internal conviction of the existence of God ignited my hope and gave answers to all my fears during the pandemic.  Hope and fear can not occupy the same place, Hope can be a life-supporting source that has enormous power and it is all we need to deal with the uncertainty of life knowing that change is the only constant thing in life.

The power of hope comes from self-awareness and when this is revealed, our lives are transformed.

When we are in a difficult situation, our natural mind either chooses to hope or worry. For me, I can choose to see love even when there is conflict. When you see life through the lens of hope, everything can change.  Hope is a quality that exists in consciousness when a situation is hopeless, that means we are not seeing clearly. The way to heal any situation is to activate hope.

School shootings are big scary things that shouldn’t happen. Plane crashes are big scary things that shouldn’t happen. Murders are big scary things that shouldn’t happen. Most of us are not going to die from those things, but we all worry about them anyway.  

 Your attitude is not complicated by self-doubt.

Hope is realistic because it is based on the consciousness of infinite possibilities.

For many, hope is a constricted demand like a child who wants a certain toy and won’t be happy till she has it. But the Universe does not work according to our wish list. The force of evolution unfolds through an unrestricted vision giving us what we need and not the next ego demand.  The part to fullness is unpredictable by nature but this does not make it untrustworthy .it makes it interesting and beautiful.

Uncertainty is neutral and great things emerged from it as the new lessons, discovery, and innovations. It all depends on our reaction. Without the inner strength of hope, self-doubt makes us disconnected from our true selves.  Uncertainty can bring out the best in you. Either you win because the situation turns out well or you have found something you have healed and improved.

 There are many ways to confront our worries and concern. Find out where the worries are coming from and address it from the root. You become what you believe and not what you wish for, want or expect. Your belief is a strong force of building your hope in uncertainties.

Work on your beliefs during this period, avoid negative news, put your mind to rest and engage in meditations.

We shall overcome!!!!

Covid-19 Pandemic; a time for reflection

I felt a little pain the night before and I thought about the pandemic. the kind of feeling I do have whenever I am air bound. What if I do not have another chance to make amendments and realign with my purpose and creator?

I appreciate every day and make use of my time judiciously considering I may not have a second chance to make amendments. These are moments you have to communicate and realign with your creator, yourself and your purpose.

As the days and months go on, the unknown qualities of the pandemic may be alleviated. But in the meantime, we need spiritual practices to lessen the impact of fear and uncertainty. These practices will help us with reflection on our lives not intended to sugarcoat or minimize the very real dangers of this global health emergency. But they can help us deal with the associated stress, accept what we cannot change, and build up our resilience. Here are a few practices for you to try.

Embrace your fear. Fears seem to come in bundles. A fear about catching the coronavirus may be accompanied by other fears — of death, losing a loved one, isolation, financial problems, and more.

Accept uncertainty. When we are worried or distraught, it helps to realize that something is not certain. In regards to the coronavirus, there is a lot of uncertainty.

Take a respite from negativity. It is important to stay informed about the pandemic, but constantly reading or watching the news may water the seeds of worry and despair inside you and negatively affect your immune system.

Receive what comes.  Tomorrow builds on the understanding that our worries and dreams are derived from our thoughts about tomorrow and “Tomorrow, after all, does not yet exist.”

Practice as You Take Preventative Measures

See that life is good. “The Bible says, ‘Taste and see that life is good.’ This statement stands up to fear and laughs in its face. . . . Say it to yourself.” [M

Wash your hands.  Those moments are perfect for reciting a mantra or short prayer.

Stock up on medicines and other remedies to reduce your symptoms or help you cope. As you do so, add intercessory prayers to your regime.

Check supplies of food and household goods. As you shop and store these items, say a prayer of gratitude for the chain of supply that brought them to you: the farmers, manufacturers, truckers, stores, delivery services, etc. Use this moment to remind yourself of how dependent you are on the services of others.

Listen to your body. If you are not feeling ill, it can still be helpful to survey your body and see what it has to tell you. How do your head, nose, throat, chest, abdomen, legs, and feet feel today? What can you learn from your body by giving it this extra attention?

As You Practice Social Distancing and If You Are Quarantined

Because it may be up to 14 days after exposure to the virus before symptoms show up, the CDC is recommending that everybody practice social distancing (avoiding crowds, staying six feet away from other people); this can break or slow down the rate of transmission from person to person. Those who think they may have come in contact with the virus are being asked to self-quarantine for two weeks. Many retirement facilities are requiring that anyone who has traveled by sea or air stay home for two weeks upon their return. So these are good times for some practices around your house.

Bless your house. Many people host a blessing ceremony when they move into a new house, and for Christians, Epiphany is traditionally a time to do a house blessing. If you are going to be spending more time in your home because of social distancing or quarantines, make your house feel special by doing a ceremony.  Be grateful for your bed.  Appreciate the things around you. The objects, tools, and appliances in your home will come in handy during an extended stay there. “Before going to bed make a list of these objects. Reflect on the efforts it took to invent, design, manufacture, package, and ship these objects so they might make your life a bit easier or more enjoyable.”

Listen to music and Watch sad movies. In difficult times, it is important to express our emotions, including our sadness and despair. The spiritual traditions honor the “gift of tears” and have found ways to ritualize it. One of our rituals is to watch movies that draw out our feelings of connection with others in their suffering and pain.

Accept your situation. Rather than adding to your stress by complaining or asking why you had to get sick, try affirmations and prayers to be at ease with your situation. Here are two possibilities:

Recognize your unity with others. As we are instructed on how to navigate our daily lives and minimize the risks to ourselves and others during the pandemic, one truth becomes clear: We are all in this together. What each of us does — and doesn’t do — can have an impact upon the spread of the virus. It’s about seeing the connections, the interlocking webs of energy among people and things, and residing as much as possible in that place of no separation.” At the end of each day, spend a few minutes in self-assessment, identifying those moments when you were reminded most forcefully of your connection with others.

Welcome the sweet fragrance. Let your thoughts focus on the way time passes, and remind yourself that with courage and goodwill, a sweet fragrance will come even from the difficulties that you currently find yourself in.

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