Good Morning Brilliant and Excellent People, I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals and fulfilling your Purpose.

When it comes to power and the abuse of it, we are all guilty to an extent. It could be that time you were given a position in your primary, secondary, or tertiary institution. Then, you took dominance and made class unbearable for that one student you don’t like for any reason. It could be you refusing to submit their notes or villainously enlisting them on the noisemakers list simply because they coughed. It could be that time in your office when you held a senior position and then repressed your subordinates. You’d subdue them to do your own tasks, send them on your personal errands, and tyrannically give them orders in such a way as if they would lose their jobs if they dared to say NO.

On the family level, abuse of power could be that time when you as the eldest sibling took charge and unequally served the food, keeping the piece of meat to yourself even when you were supposed to apportion it. As Naomi Wolf would say, “it is human nature to abuse power no matter who you are”, so we can only deny we have never been guilty of it.

Power is neither good nor evil. It is what you do with it that matters. In today’s world, the abuse of power we recognize and constantly protest against is the political abuse of power and that of the rich against the poor or the privileged against the underprivileged. Typically, when the battle is between the rich and the poor, the rich briskly use power and influence to buy off the case regardless of the severity of the offense. Whilst this is heinous and does not gracefully depict the change we clamor for in the world, it has become the norm. In fact, people now yearn for power not for the responsibilities that come with it, but for the gratification of selfish purposes.

Abuse of power leads to injustice, injustice in itself is corruption, and corruption as described by Joe Biden is like cancer that eats away citizen’s faith in democracy, diminishes the instinct of innovation and creativity. If the judiciary system continues to operate in the favour of people who have power over those who are truly innocent, the whole system will be in shambles, and the younger generation will effortlessly emulate such contagious evil.

When we talk about abuse of power, we usually focus more on top people in politics, world leaders, our bosses, and others in a higher hierarchy than us, but we must criticize ourselves with that same energy. With the power and position you have, have there been times you consciously subjugated someone simply because you can? Have there been times you exploited your subordinates at work because you are the boss and they cannot question you anyway?

Can you sincerely say you have never abused your power, position, and influence?

The reason you must first start the criticism with yourself is that you cannot live in a glass house and throw stones. You make the world a better place by making yourself a better person. You cannot oppress your subordinates at work, yet lampoon the government when they oppress the masses.

If you are entrusted with power or position, the reason is that someone thought you worthy enough and it is your duty to live up to that worthiness. The essence of great leadership is for influence, not authority. Use the power you have fairly and squarely because, at the end of the day, the measure of a man is what he does with his power.

What are you doing with yours?


Good Morning Brilliant and Excellent People, I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals and fulfilling your Purpose.

When people talk about success, they round the story up as if it happened by miracle or magic. “Oh, he hit that contract”, “she got that scholarship”, “he got that dream job”.

Typically, people give account of these remarkable achievements in such a way, you’d think the achievers relaxingly slept and woke up to milestones. But, taking a closer look, you will realize that every person who has recorded success at any point in their lives prepared for an opportunity that eventually materialized and resulted in success. What opportunities are you preparing for and how are you preparing for it?

Zig Ziglar said success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. This means that the easiest and most effective way success ensues is when you prepare yourself for both conventional and unprecedented opportunities. The reason a lot of people struggle with stagnancy and failure is because they have (un)intentionally refused to position themselves for life changing opportunities that will skyrocket their career or business. They have a static routine and never look at the possibilities of greater things that could happen for them unexpectedly.

It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than not to be prepared and lose out on one. There is nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity; losing out on something that could have easily been yours simply because you did not prepare well enough for it.

Regardless of what you do or hope to achieve, you need to make and take conscious decisions to position yourself for opportunities to easily fall on your lap. Preparation could mean upskilling yourself, expanding your knowledge, expanding your network, personal development practices, putting in extra work, saving opportunity fund (most opportunities will require you to be financially capable), or even seeking out chances yourself.

Opportunities are mostly disguised as hard work which is why people do not recognize them. Ideally, to prepare for something, you will need to improve your effort and dedication.

Also, let us not forget that if we want to achieve success, preparing and getting opportunities is not enough. We will need to act. Opportunities will not automatically become success because the path to success is to take massive determined actions. Action is a universal language to success. Just as putting in work in preparation for opportunities, you will need to work harder to translate them to successes.

To succeed, here are practical steps you should take;

  1. Take time to self-reflect and write out your goals.
  2. Get familiar with possible opportunities in your field
  3. Seek ways to improve yourself to be ready.

Success is a result of preparation, hard work and leveraging opportunities. Do all you must to be prepared for opportunities.


Recently, the internet has been agog with rape stories. Women are speaking and calling out perpetrators and this trend has sparked controversies. Some people are on the front row of the unsubstantial social media queue demanding justice in the form of hashtags, another quarter is merely there to follow the story heaving sighs of relief that they have never been victims, whilst the remaining quarter has settled to be defenders of the accused – rape apologists.

These rape apologists are mostly men or scarcely women who are not parents or are parents but not to a girl child. They neither understand what it feels like to be a woman nor know how dicey it is raising a girl child, hence their hasty justification of rape with a bias logic. What is the future of humanity if the people we call the leaders of tomorrow are in the comment section of rape stories questioning victims on what they wore to attract rape or why it took them so long to speak up?

Although this article is not to authenticate any rape story, we must learn that our actions do affect other people, and until we have facts to buttress our point, it is safer to remain silent. In the case of rape, only the victim and perpetrator have the facts; the rest of us have opinions that should not count.

Opinions are not facts.

For an issue as sensitive as rape, you need not carelessly speak for controversy or recognition’s sake. Maturity is realizing how many things do not require your opinion. Plato had said that opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance, so while you hop to different comment sections asking, “What did she wear?” “Why was she out at that time?” “Did she say stop?” “Did she try to fight?” “Did she not enjoy it” “Why is she just speaking up now?”, Odds are, you are displaying an irrevocable level of ignorance and conscientious stupidity. These sorts of questions only fuel the urge by others to carry out this dastardly deed.

It is totally okay not to have an opinion. It is possible to tell yourself that you do not know enough about a topic to debate on it. The world is the way it is today not because people do evil per se, but because there’s always a crowd of people with “opinions” to justify, undermine, and support evil acts. To change the world as we clamor for, we need to first change our thoughts, perception, and actions. Try being informed rather than opinionated. You never know who your baseless opinions would affect. You never know how many more assault victims are afraid to speak because people with “opinions” could invalidate their stories.

Don’t be a rape apologist, or before you settle to be one, think about yourself, or your sister or the daughters you will have tomorrow –or already have. If they become victims by chance, will you be livid if society asked why they didn’t walk around with pepper spray?

If we must walk the path of humanity, we need to be considerate of the emotional situations of people and show support especially when they are negatively affected. Rape is barbaric and should under no circumstance be justified. And, instead of making excuses for rapists, let us encourage parents and society to instill the right morals and discipline on the young so that they can master the subtle art of self-control.

My life Survey

Quite a several persons have decided in the past to isolate or distance themselves from technology and social media considering the negative effects on them, their children, the cybercrimes, and other negativities. Some people on the other hand decided to control their digital addictions by reducing how much time they spend on electronic devices. While some find it difficult to integrate social media with their personal life because to them, it’s not a necessity. There is also a category of people who find it difficult to fully integrate into society because the societal norms do not conform to their principles, religion, belief, or standard.

If you have taken any of the afford mentioned or similar decisions before, the probability is that you took that step to achieve a particular goal. However, you should understand that whether you are on social media or not, you are part of a community. Either online or offline, you are part of a survey and that your actions or inactions are feedback to a group of people, researchers, or gossipers.

Quality of life survey: your chance to make a difference - UOMO ...

The moment I realized this, I decided to make my story great. I decided to take control of my life so my story and actions could be part of great and outstanding surveys. I decided not to intentionally or unintentionally contribute to low profile surveys like how much times does a man spend on Facebook, how many Nigerians are poor, what is the average lifespan of Nigerian, the average time spent on the internet and the list goes on.

I decided to be part of outstanding surveys related to impact, success, leadership, and other great feedback to whoever cares or eventually building history or lifestyle of influence for other aspiring people. But how did I achieve this? Priorities. I decided to analyze how much attention I gave to every one of my thoughts, I fact-check every information if they’re right or wrong. These facts were gathered by reading, research, a good network of friends, right attitudes, right movies and documentaries, meditations, and a few others.

William James once said the art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook. This was what I practiced daily, I took surveys of all the calls and emails I got daily and saw the kind of people I attracted and how they affected me. Then I got them filtered in line with my goals.

With time, I was able to get clarity on how I want my future to be, my social media pages became a reflection of me; inspirational, thought-provoking, and life to those following me.

I want you to answer these rhetorical questions. How do you want to be described? What do you want to be remembered for? What would be your legacy? To answer these questions, the very first thing to do is that you have to control your own life, however, that can’t be achieved without you living your life according to your priorities. So how do you go about that?

  1. Plan your time, days, and activities carefully. This helps your efficiency and effectiveness of your goals.
  2. Follow your plan. According to the survey, 7 out of 10 people always have a plan, the problem is that they don’t follow them. If you plan but don’t follow suit, your result will be the same as someone who does not have a plan at all.
  3. Invest in the right people daily. The time you spend with others can be a great investment, choose whom you’ll invest in wisely.

With these action points, I can tell that you are on course to living a fruitful and fulfilled life either on social or physical community.  

The bottom line is, “how do you want to be described, remembered or patronized”?

What and who are you influencing?

You have all it takes to control your own life and make the right decisions. You have the power to affect the world positively in your own little way if you will only decide to.

You need to take a survey of your life right now.

If you need help, we are always here for you!


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