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When people talk about success, they round the story up as if it happened by miracle or magic. “Oh, he hit that contract”, “she got that scholarship”, “he got that dream job”.

Typically, people give account of these remarkable achievements in such a way, you’d think the achievers relaxingly slept and woke up to milestones. But, taking a closer look, you will realize that every person who has recorded success at any point in their lives prepared for an opportunity that eventually materialized and resulted in success. What opportunities are you preparing for and how are you preparing for it?

Zig Ziglar said success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. This means that the easiest and most effective way success ensues is when you prepare yourself for both conventional and unprecedented opportunities. The reason a lot of people struggle with stagnancy and failure is because they have (un)intentionally refused to position themselves for life changing opportunities that will skyrocket their career or business. They have a static routine and never look at the possibilities of greater things that could happen for them unexpectedly.

It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one than not to be prepared and lose out on one. There is nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity; losing out on something that could have easily been yours simply because you did not prepare well enough for it.

Regardless of what you do or hope to achieve, you need to make and take conscious decisions to position yourself for opportunities to easily fall on your lap. Preparation could mean upskilling yourself, expanding your knowledge, expanding your network, personal development practices, putting in extra work, saving opportunity fund (most opportunities will require you to be financially capable), or even seeking out chances yourself.

Opportunities are mostly disguised as hard work which is why people do not recognize them. Ideally, to prepare for something, you will need to improve your effort and dedication.

Also, let us not forget that if we want to achieve success, preparing and getting opportunities is not enough. We will need to act. Opportunities will not automatically become success because the path to success is to take massive determined actions. Action is a universal language to success. Just as putting in work in preparation for opportunities, you will need to work harder to translate them to successes.

To succeed, here are practical steps you should take;

  1. Take time to self-reflect and write out your goals.
  2. Get familiar with possible opportunities in your field
  3. Seek ways to improve yourself to be ready.

Success is a result of preparation, hard work and leveraging opportunities. Do all you must to be prepared for opportunities.

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