Staying Positive During Difficult Times.

2020 has been a stiff year.

Maybe not to everyone, but to those employees who were forced out of work because their companies could no longer afford to pay them, or those business owners who involuntarily shut down their businesses or those students who may not graduate this year as they had anticipated.  All of these hassles due to the corona virus pandemic and its resulting health and economic crises.

The year is gradually winding down, but people will rather not accept that scary reality because they are yet to accomplish a quarter of their 2020 career or business goals. They are yet to make that groundbreaking sale, yet to multiply their income streams or yet execute that business idea because of our current unprecedented reality. Whilst some have written off the year and are patiently awaiting a more favorable 2021, others pressurize themselves on daily basis to remain productive.

Whichever category you have found yourself in surviving through 2020, the good news is that you are not alone. Martin Luther King said, “We must accept finite disappointments, but we must never lose infinite hope”. This is because hope is a powerful force that inspires us to carry on during difficult times. Hope is a prerequisite to staying positive. It makes a tough present situation more bearable and helps you envision a better future that motivates you to take steps to make things happen.

Against the backdrop of all that is going on in our world lately, our minds remain our greatest power so we have to fill it with positive thoughts. For every man is a product of his thought, and what he thinks, he becomes. Staying positive does not necessarily mean that you have to be happy all the time. It means that on bad days -no matter how much of your salary is slashed, how draggy business has become, or how empty your bank account is- you have a firm belief that better days are coming.

To stay positive, you will need to remind yourself of all the reasons you have to be grateful. When we are faced with difficulties, it is easy to forget the good things that have happened to us and dwell only on the bad ones, but remembering what’s good in your life will help you feel happier, lowering stress, depression, and anxiety. It also promotes optimism and helps you develop a more positive outlook. Reflect more on the things you have in your life right now including life, health, family and friends, as opposed to the things you are striving to get. You could start by keeping a gratitude journal and going back to it when you feel dispirited. The greatest source of happiness lies in our ability to be grateful at all times.

Secondly, you need to reevaluate your goals and see how best to take advantage of the situation. Every bad situation has something positive in it for us. If we could stop focusing on the problem, we will be able to ferret out how to make the best of it or discover what lessons the hard times are trying to teach us. When situations do not favour our goals, there’s a need to focus on other things we could achieve from that situation. Remember that hard times don’t create heroes rather it is during the hard times the hero within us is revealed. Ultimately, it is up to you to see the beauty in the ugliest situations.

Hold on, this too shall pass.

Also, know that it is okay to take a step back and relax. Since we’ve entered the second half of the year, the pressure to be productive and meet up with our goals is up. But, we must not forget to practice self-care. Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So know when to relax. When you are faced with circumstances that are beyond your control, it is advisable that you step back and watch situations fix itself. The year could be far gone with you achieving a little close to nothing, but you must remember that there is more to life than increasing its speed.

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