Just as the earth rotates around its axis, revolving around the sun, triggering day and night and different seasons and weather which inversely impacts human daily activities, so is life dynamic. There is nothing constant in life. Even the earth on which we live our daily lives changes its position to give us time and seasons. No wonder it is said that there is nothing constant in life except change. Therefore, whatever we do in life, we must expect and be open to change whether Favourable or unfavourable.

Human biological formation and growth is itself dynamic. The sperm and ova come together to form a zygote, transport itself to the womb, forms a baby, comes out of the womb and the growth or changes continue till death. human life and its environment have to deal with change. Therefore change has been a major part of human existence.

We experience transitions in work and relationships, changes in our physical and mental health, or a loss of a loved one. Many people spend a great deal of effort trying to avoid change especially when it seems inconvenient or unfavourable to us. Most times, it forces itself on us.

On the other hand, we may long for change hoping for it to be favourable.We keep adapting to changes every minute of our lives unknowingly. Imagine sleeping late at night very weak in very cold and rainy weather. Within a twinkle of an eye, your alarm blares reminding you that you have to wake up and prepare for work, you inconveniently struggle to rise from your bed and so on. None of these is convenient but you adapt because the world moves on and doesn’t wait for you even in your inconveniences. Therefore is it a necessity and mandatory that you deal with whatever changes; negative or positive because life must continue.

POSITIVE CHANGE: when we talk about positive changes, it does not necessarily mean that they will be favourable or convenient. It is positive probably because it was what we desired. For instance, most secondary school graduates would desire the good news of being offered admission into a higher institution of learning. A very laudable transition but would take lots of inconveniences to scale through it. You study day and night, you attend lectures even at your inconvenience and this is you dealing with this positive change of being in an institution of higher learning. You have to inconvenience yourself to scale through.

Positive change can either comfort you or discomfort you. There is lot of good news that demands more inconvenience to handle.

NEGATIVE CHANGE: Just like the case of a positive change, not all negative changes are unfavourable. An example is a broken relationship that leads one into a relationship that is perfect and happy ever after. The death of a loved one or dismissal from work opens more prosperous opportunities. Some negative changes can help one leap into areas of growth, nevertheless, the negative changes have to be dealt with as humans.

Ultimately, change requires adjustments. Sometimes these can be small things like finding a new way to do something or adding a new step to some of your daily routines. In other cases, you might find that change introduces significant disruptions to the way you live your life. This can create stress or feelings of anxiety and depression in some cases.This doesn’t mean change is always bad because even good changes you are excited about can be stress-inducing. Things might not have been perfect before, but you may have been comfortable in your previous state of equilibrium. You had a routine. You knew what to expect, so you weren’t thrown off by surprises or unexpected challenges.

As change happens, your routines are disrupted. You suddenly have to adapt as you are pushed further and further out of your comfort zone.

Finally, whether change happens unexpectedly or not, you have to keep an eye on the future and prepare yourself mentally. The way you think about change plays a major role in determining how well you deal with it. Being closed-minded can undermine your ability to focus on the positive side. When negative thoughts bog you down, it becomes more challenging to have faith in your coping abilities. You can’t always control change, you can manage how you respond to those changes.

Developing a positive mindset is a great way to promote resilience. Make lemonade out of a lemon.

Happy new month Brilliant people. We wish you the best of the new month!

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