God bless Nigeria (2)

The sound of the band and the melody form the brass echoed the air. The police band were rehearsing the National Anthem in preparation for the Independence day ceremony which is celebrated 1st of October.

They meant every word as they sang, I could see the zeal and commitment to their utterances. These promising youth were determined on contributing their own efforts to the development and growth of my nation.

It is believed that whenever a country gains its freedom or independence, one of the first things established is a national anthem. And this is because a ‘National Anthem’ signifies the nation’s status on which people pride themselves.

Thus, countries like France that prides itself on freedom in their anthem. While the likes of Germany, who at a time stood supreme, exalts itself above all.

But there are other countries like Ghana who, instead of pride, prays to God for guidance in their anthem…and her sister, Senegal, renders praise to mother Africa.

Our Anthem in Nigeria is a call to arise and serve our nation in peace, love and unity.

The national anthem is a “generally patriotic musical composition that evokes and eulogizes the history,traditions and struggles of its people, recognized either by a nation’s government as the official national song,or by convention through use by the people.” 

When singing the anthem, everyone of us is calling on one another to arise.Firstly, we are to see one another as compatriots. A patriot is a proud supporter or defender of his or hercountry and its way of life. A patriot loves his/her country with the whole of his/her life. A patriot is ready tolay down his life for his country. A patriot obeys all the laws of his land. A patriot is selfless, honest, loyal,and has unflinching support for his country.

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Which call is Nigeria calling us? The call to be a voice for the voiceless, help the helpless, and feed thepoor. The call for national peace, unity, harmony, and love. The call for national sanity, security, and integra-tion. The call to stop terrorism and religious intolerance. The call to enlighten the ignorant, train the youths,and judge the wicked. The call for national moral cleansing. The call to use your talents, gifts, resources, andpower for her development. The call to put aside every form of past hatred and indifferences and join handstogether to build a great nation  

We are called to serve sacrifiaially and obediently. Every one including lawyers, military officers, clerical staff, healthworkers, engineers, sportsmen, journalists, bankers, farmers, traders, ICT users and providers, vocationalworkers, in short, all professionals should render their services as expected. Do more for Nigeria than Nige-ria does for you

The labour of our heroes past through the use of  the pen, others the power of the sword, others the power of their voice, and yet others the strength of their actions should not be allowed to go in vain. We should desist from trampling on their memories and spit on their graves. If they lived in these times, would they have been motivated to fight or would they have sat folding hands in despair like most Nigerians do viewing our nation as unredeemable? Would they weep if they could see our misguided heroes-turned-terrorists or the would-be heroes banished permanently to the back seat of our minds because someone had told us it was better to live a miserable life than fight

Every little act, every minute spent, every words uttered, every event and every knowledge impacted has an effect on the growth of our great Nation Nigeria.

Every of our daily and individual action is a cause which produces effect on both our individual lives and the country as a whole.

Let us individually contribute positively to the growth and development of our country Nigeria.  It is not only about our leaders, we also have our parts to play.

Lets us continually make our pledge to our country Nigeria, to be faithful, loyal and honest. To serve Nigeria with all our strength. To defend her unity uphold her honour and glory. 

Ref; https://www.academia.edu/14919458/ARISE_O_COMPATRIOTS by Fawole Victor

https://www.pulse.ng/gist/nigerian-national-anthem-a-breakdown-of-these-famous-lines/yjrsp6h Ayomide Taiwo

Rejection, a step closer to Success

People don’t trade money for the things they value their money more highly than, Every negative answer you get is as a result of your assumed or perceived value.   (D.O.K)

Happy New Week friends,

I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for
attaining your goals, fulfilling your Purpose and making the world a
better place.

Bridget, a very brilliant writer has never won any of the writing competitions she participated for years. Her piece was always rejected and with each rejection, she began to lose her confidence until she couldn’t write anything exceptional. When we met, I managed to share some tips with her, she was able to change her perspective, and today her piece is being used all over the world for international dance drama and stage performance.

People don’t trade money for the things they value their money more highly than. You are being denied a job simply because your value does not match the required expectation. Every negative answer you get is as a result of your assumed or perceived value. While you think about some rejection scenarios that may have happened to you in the past, ask yourself, was I worth their value? If your answer is no, it is a good thing to consider improving your skills and building your personal brand to be strong and positive. If your answer, however, is yes, then be encouraged because rejection creates opportunities for change and can be an advantage to step higher.

Image result for rejection step to successFeelings of rejection, fear, and negativity happen, and everyone goes through this cycle. In my experience, even though my job demands that I stay positive, there have been moments when I felt discouraged and disappointed, a few times I have had to question everything quietly as negative. If anyone tells you they are always positive and never experienced bad days, that is a fat lie. But I have learned to celebrate rejection and learned to take the energy of rejection and experience a shift in my brilliance, re-frame it and see it as a gift and blessing in disguise. Now I look at people who rejected me to have done me a favor, saved me time, energy and money and given me an invitation to grow.

It only takes you and you alone to catch your vision and drive it passionately. Understand that not everyone is going to appreciate you. So many people will not acknowledge your brilliance and will reject your genius and overlook your potential – and that can be a good thing depending on how you see rejection. Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star in 1919 because his editor said, he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” Steve Job was rejected from his own company. Albert Einstein was seen as having no potential, he couldn’t speak and read early and was rejected by many schools but all of these individuals took their rejection and turned it around, they went on to make history such that their names are still on our lips till date.

How to handle rejection and turn it around

  1. Change the narrative in your mind: most of the time what cripples us after a rejection incident is the meaning you attached to it. Instead of seeing yourself as a failure and the cause of your problems, shift your focus to how you can move on and maximize the situation.
  2. Use it as a feedback option: if possible enquire the reasons behind the decision that was made, critically examine the response and see it from the eye of the other person. Once you learn your lessons and improve your strength, discard the rest of the response.
  3. Brave the possibility of rejection: instead of being afraid and refusing to step out of your comfort zone, dare yourself to change the narrative and see rejection as a good thing. People who have eventually succeeded in their field today were people who were all out, daring the odds and as the rejection mounted, so did their confidence to take the stakes up.

I challenge you today to put yourself out there and prepare for the next level of opportunities.

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The Power of Your Intentions

every action starts with an intention

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I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals, fulfilling your Purpose and making the world a better place.

What sets good outcomes from bad outcomes is an Intention. It’s not merely a question of good or bad but of results.

The quality of pictures taken by a professional photographer and any other person with the same Camera is the intention behind their actions. For the professional photographer, he has the intention of making a good and quality picture while an average individual takes the picture casually.

The other day, a friend was saying to me how he walks a certain number of kilometer daily to get to his workplace, incredibly, I informed him that I cover half of same distance every day during my early morning workout. What is more interesting is that this friend of mine does not appear healthy and physically fit despite the kilometers he covers to work daily. But I kept getting muscular, strong and physically fit body. What made the difference – same action but different outcomes.

For one, amongst other things, the intention behind what we do sets the foundation for which other actions are taken. I am trying to say that one supersedes the other, in varying situation, both our action and intention are important and sometimes our actions are actually more important.  

Set daily Intentions

Intentions are not the same as goals. While goal focuses on what you have to do and achieve at a set time, intentions are about who you want to be and how you choose to impact the lives of others.

Having a conscious intention to the things you do or want to do can dramatically turn your life around making you happier and the pressure of “perfect” off you.

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Good intentions are the basics of giving a gift, if the act of giving is not effective, the gift can rouse sour emotions.

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I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals, fulfilling your Purpose and making the world a better place.

Some years back, my mentor gave me one of his expensive golf kit since he had several kits as we had almost similar hobbies and sports. The particular golf iron were of sleek design, and in excellent condition. Seeing how it met my needs, I was very grateful and immediately dropped my old kit. I was too excited to notice that I was playing above my handicap since I started using the kit.

By the time I noticed, I began to watch YouTube videos on how to use the golf iron and engaged the service of a Pro who eventually discovered that the golf iron I was using was the reason for my poor game. The irons were long because they were customized for my mentor who is far taller than I am.

Immediately I customized the length of the Irons and my game was up again.

While thinking about this experience, I started to realize the lessons that could be learnt that can make us better givers because I believe that no matter how much one gives, if on the other side, your good intention is seen as evil, your good work is not complete.  

We all want to be effective in our actions, to give a gift and know that it served it’s purpose and that we achieved the highest possible impact in the life of the receiver. When we give, it’s mostly from a place of love, of your beliefs, or out of a place of necessity- because you don’t need the item and maybe you need space for new ones, but whatever your reasons are, these two tips are worthy of note.

  1. When giving an item that you no longer find useful, ensure that it is at least in good condition. This applies to basic everyday use that may no longer fit your taste but can still be very useful for other people. If it needs to be washed and pressed, by all means do so. If there’s need for some minimal repairs, as much as you can, do so because it shows that you understand the receiver, and that you are sensitive enough to do the right thing.
  2. When giving a special item, a car or a special tool, always communicate the condition upfront. This is perhaps one of the most important principle and why is this important? Because it helps the receiver understand the history of the item and know the right steps to take towards resolving whatever issues the gift might have. A very good example is the gift of a car that has slight engine faults, if this history is not communicated, not only does it cost the receiver more, it can also portrays the giver as one who lacks integrity and should not be trusted.

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A New Beginning

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Pascal walked out of the hospital with so much pain and also with his fate unknown. He has just gone for a medical checkup following a severe illness he suffered. He got home and could not sleep for the three days of waiting.

He woke up in the morning and he knelt down to pray, this is an act he has neglected 10 years ago since he started working with a multinational. He was immediately promoted and he was earning six-digit figures monthly. He went from pub to club, parties to hotels.

After praying, he got back to his early morning meditation and exercise, an act he neglected years ago as well. Pascal was a devoted Christian who hears from God every day. Now he hardly knows how and when God communicates with his beloved.

He reached for his music box, it was Steffany Gretzinger’s out of hiding place playing.

‘‘Come out of hiding, You’re safe here with Me; There’s no need to cover what I already see

You’ve got your reasons but I hold your peace; You’ve been on lock-down and I hold the key

‘Cause I loved you before you knew it was love And I saw it all, still I chose the cross
And you were the one that I was thinking of
When I rose from the grave

Now rid of the shackles, My victory’s yours. I tore the veil for you to come close
There’s no reason to stand at a distance anymore
. You’re not far from home

And now I’ll be your lighthouse when you’re lost at sea And I will illuminate everything

No need to be frightened by intimacy. No, just throw off your fear and come running to Me’’

The suffering people experience when they are sick can help them grow closer to Jesus, Pope Benedict XVI said in his message for next month’s World Day of the Sick.

Sickness is an opportunity for God to be glorified and for observers to believe the power of healing. This perspective is easy to forget because sickness is often a struggle. The physical body can be extremely demanding. It can writhe in pain, convulse from seizures, sweat from fever, ache from infection, and fatigue from fighting cancer. Some feel so badly, they are ready to commit suicide. 

It is not too late for new beginnings and fresh starts. A fresh look at the future and all the wonderful possibilities it holds would make you have a reason to live again. These were the words he heard from the counselor he had an appointment with earlier in the day.  He thought it was over until he went back for his test the next day. The doctor told him he was still healthy and can live another fifty years if he lived healthy and disciplined.

The below tips can help you as well as recommended to Pascal;

  • Get In Shape.
  •  Get out of town.
  •   Rewrite your story.
  •   Invite new people into your life.
  • · Be disciplined about self-care.
  •   Quit what isn’t working for you.
  • Strengthen your relationships with the people who love you.
  • Take a course that teaches you something new.
  • Make a budget and stick to it.
  • Become invested in the process of change, not the outcome.
  • Forgive others, Forgive the Universe. Forgive yourself.
  • Look at how far you have come.

The Power of Your Mind

Your mind can be your best asset or your worst enemy. It is important you learn how to train your mind and your body to perform at its peak. Everyone has the ability to build mental strength. With practice, mental exercises could be the key to living a longer, happier life.


Happy new week friends,

I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals, fulfilling your Purpose and making the world a better place.

The captain made an announcement that six other aircraft would be taking off before ours, this meant that we had several minutes to taxi. I picked up a magazine “Malimbe” and started flipping through the pages until an article caught my attention. It was all about the Nigeria culture and particularly the city of Benin. The history from the slave trade to her great work of arts that was stolen during the precolonial and now being sold all over the world was particularly fascinating.

I looked around and noticed this couple, they were both solving a cross puzzle and playing Sudoku. They should be in their 70s, I smiled remembering that is one of my family goals .

I decided to engage them and soon, it turned out to be a mentoring session I had enrolled for. Both the man and his wife told me how they have been able to live together for 45 years. They mentioned the challenges, the fun they had both enjoyed and how they settled their differences.

They were from different tribes and also practiced different religion. The story I shared earlier of a Buddhist and his Christian wife flashed to me where they have both the statue of Jesus and Buddha erected side by side in their prayer closet. When I asked why they did that, they told me “If Jesus and Buddha could not live together in peace, how then would they live together as husband and wife.

And the great moment came where their faith was tested. At some point during the flight, there was great turbulence due to the bad weather, though the captain announced everything was under control, everyone was already panicking.

When I looked at them, they were still chatting, holding their hands and were at peace. This experience was just beyond me, how two people of different orientation, culture, religion and perhaps different ideologies can live together so well they experience absolute joy. It boils down to tolerance and love that forgives. Note that this couple never said they didn’t have conflict or misunderstandings, as a matter of fact, they often do. What makes the difference is their singular ability to reason with each other.

As I have come to find out, peace begins with tolerance and respect for everyone.

Lets get down to it and ask yourself honestly how have you demonstrated tolerance and respect for the people around you who always seem to disagree with you.

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My heart pounded as the list of names were being called out to us. I was seated comfortably in the front row with other football talents like myself waiting to hear whether our skills were enough to take us abroad, the land of opportunities. From where I sat, I glance back to see whether my friend, Emeka finally made it down. Emeka and I have been friends for almost 12 years now but it was time we each entered into a new future.

Six months ago, we came to Lagos from our village in Benue to ‘hustle’ and our plan was to make it big. We worked together, we ate together, we prayed together, we trained in football together, and we literarily did everything together until now.

The day the scouts came to our training facility and told us that they needed only 10 qualified players that they would sponsor to the U.S. I knew it was never going to be the same again, my best friend was about to become my competition. I started to think since then that if I could eliminate all my competition then I had a better chance of winning, as more and more people lost out during the training, I always nurse a secret fear knowing how good Emeka was, just as I was.

This fateful day, I was supposed to pay for our transport together to the training where the final selection would be done.  On this day, each man would know his fate and one of the criteria was punctuality. If you can get there early, you stood a better chance. If you got there late, you were automatically disqualified. I was finally sure that I could eliminate Emeka completely. I stole all the money there was and left the apartment where we live at 6:30 a.m. By the time my friend’s alarm would sound at 7:30, I would be gone.

The names did come out and I never made it. Emeka, of course, stood no chance because he came three hours after the event had started. That day, I felt shattered knowing that the only good thing I had in life- my friendship with Emeka was over because I was disloyal. We went apart and everything was never the same again, we did have our moments of opportunity after that but it took us seven years more, by then we were battered and weary.

The lesson here is simple, just as I have read and remains very true: Life is not about competition but about being your best. Perhaps if I had invested more energy in my training as well as encouraging my friend, we both could have made it.

“Being competitive doesn’t mean you’re not laid back or polite or too aggressive. Being competitive doesn’t insinuate that you are self-obsessed. And having a competitive nature doesn’t mean that you have the extreme desire to out-do everyone — as long as you are in competition with yourself.” (Entrepreneur.com)

The most important thing in life is getting ahead of yourself and concentrating hard on it. That’s a sure way to get ahead of the competition.


Happy new week friends,

I look forward to sharing with you Brilliant and Excellent tips for attaining your goals, fulfilling your Purpose and making the world a better place.

Relax!”, “Stay calm!!”, “Eyes on the ball”, “Keep focused!!!”

These words are familiar I guess you can relate. Either from a coach, a spectator or as self-talk. Sometimes I wish I could accompany these words with a dirty slap or knock on my head whenever I make the wrong moves.

Research indicates that people, on average, speak to themselves at a rate of between 300 and 1,000 words per minute. 

self-talk, constant internal dialogue is a powerful tool that affects us all, directing how we feel, which subsequently influences our behavior and actions.

It is not difficult to realize that we have voices in our head. The real trick is figuring out what type of self- talk you have, how beneficial or destructive it is to your performance and then changing it, if needs be, to work to your advantage.

Self-talk is one of the main performance enhancement techniques athletes use to increase performance. It is also one of the easiest to understand but also the most difficult to incorporate and to maintain training.  It has also been widely endorsed as a performance enhancement tool in the sport psychology literature. Implementing self-talk interventions successfully, however, requires some understanding of how, when, why, and for whom self-talk interventions are likely to be effective.

Self-talk comes about when the mind is exposed to a particular situation and decides to voice it’s inner thoughts, whether positive or negative. Positive self-talk can increase adrenaline levels and refocus the mind. They increase confidence and reinforce self-belief while returning the state, mind, and body back your optimal performance level.

Mental training requires practice and as such, Self-talk can only be effective if practiced on a regular basis.   

To train the mind to engage in positive talks looks straight forward on paper but requires techniques and practice. Our thoughts, our emotions, and our actions can be influenced if we practice and train this aspect of mental training.

Practice makes us determine the effectiveness of our own identified self-talk, also when and how it can be effectively applied to a different individual.

“Idiot!!”, “How can you?!!” What the hell was that? These words may seem negative to some people but effective for some.

For me, some of the phrases I use appear negative but for me, they actually act as motivational cues for when I am extremely stressed. However, the timing of these phrases matters.

We also need to learn to listen to themselves. Our thoughts will definitely shed some light on you as individuals give us all the clues on how to direct further mental training for our performance.

Self-talk can either be positive or negative. While positive thoughts will produce positive emotional reactions, such as excitement, determination, and relaxation, On the other hand, negative thoughts will harvest negative emotional reactions like anxiety, sadness, and hopelessness

Self-talk produces a physical response which results in physical reactions. We may try the famous psychologist Albert Ellis’s ABC model.​

In conclusion, the way we address our phrases is important than the phrase itself,

For instance, imagine yourself playing in a high profile match and screaming to yourself “Relax!”, “Stay calm!!”, and “Keep focused!!!” – even though these words are positive, the overall effect of your inner dialogue is negative.

The tone of your phrase is just as important as the actual words, so pay attention to both the phrase and the tone.

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I was surprised to see repeated missed calls from a friend. Our last conversation was over 6months and I remember the compliments he gave me. “You now have a very good body structure, you are really determined”.

I used to be in the same drinking club with Charles where we gather after our long day at work to drink a minimum of 4 bottles of beer before going home. And although it was always fun discussing, laughing and drinking, we consumed more bottles than we ever worked out. 

Later on, I started a project which needed me to work with a completely different set of people. Our meeting time, unfortunately, coincides with the time I spend with my friends drinking. Because the project was more important to me, I had to meet up with them for 3 months. We held our meetings at one of the sports facility within our community. Whenever I got there, I had to wait for them to finish their sessions before we got started. Eventually, I decided to join the sessions rather than waiting and this was one of the best decisions I made.

Three months after, we concluded the project and to my surprise, I had to do a complete change of wardrobe as I realized that I had lost major calories and my clothes were not fitted. I visited my old friends and they were all amazed at my transformation.  Yes, it was not that my new friends do not drink but they were more disciplined and were conscious of their intake and their energy conversion rate.

While others simply commented, Charles was motivated to plan to also curb his excesses. He was actually calling me this weekend to show off his new body structure.

Friends, it is not business as usual. We need to hang around people who will give our lives more meaning and take us out of our comfort zones. A popular quote says, “You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ― Roy T. Bennett.

Our comfort zone is not a place of growth, it is not a place of advancement. The man especially will mostly not make any contributory change in his life except forced to, which is why, sometimes, when adversity comes, they are blessings in disguise because they push us to the next new thing that we otherwise would not have reached for were the adversity not there.

Some kinds of friends bring out the best in us, some don’t. it is the responsibility of each man to ensure that he surrounds himself with the right kind of people, people who model the future he has in mind for himself or people who are also on their way there. Nothing exists in isolation, every great invention was the result of minds working together and so is every great stupidity.

Image result for comfort zone

Also, when something is good, feels good and has value in it, nobody tries to hide it. As a salesman, when you’re trying to get a client to buy a product you know will soon become the most sought after, you don’t run after the client, you don’t become beggarly and helpless. In your conversation will be confidence and show-off. This same is true for men, in this case, we ourselves are the products. Working on ourselves brings out the gold in each of us, once the gold becomes visible, our confidence level shoots up, our approach to life changes, our attitude changes, our conversation changes and so is the kind of people we move with. When I started to see how the sessions I was attending with my new partners were making a difference in me, both physically and mentally, I stayed committed to it, and when the reward came, I sought out my old friends and showed off a little. I wanted them to see the reward of my diligence. The same with Charles, my friend, his plan to curb his drinking excesses and commit to a healthy lifestyle must be paying off and now, he cants wait to show it to other people.

Getting out of your comfort zone towards your dreams, and persevering in the face of adversity until the reward is visible to everyone will get any individual far in life. Comfort zones are comfortable, so it will not be easy at first, almost impossible but stay with it, if you do, the reward will be far worth it in the end.

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Happy new week friends,

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I’ve been thinking about this story and have concluded that I needed to share the story for the moral lesson it teaches that we can all learn from.

The story is that of a man who owns a farm on which the wife rears animals. She owns a goat, cow, hen, and rat. Each of her animals has a separate mini house which she cleans every morning. She also has a help who comes in from time to time to help out in caring for the animals. The animals are so used to this family that they never really wander away from home without finding their way back.

The woman on the other hand also loves her animals, she often allows them free entry and exit into the main house. She reckons that by doing this, the animals get to be more used to her and her family.

One day, the woman started to notice her food storage deplete, without touching it, portions of food were getting missing and she had no idea what was going on. She questioned her animals, each of them, very deeply but each denied, saying they had no idea what was going on and they do not know anything about the missing food. This went on for some time until the woman decided that she would investigate the matter by herself. She headed to the local store and bought herself a trap.

On her return, the rat caught sight of her and called a meeting among the other animals, “we need to find out what’s going on with the missing food.” He said

“Why?” The cow asked. “I am not responsible for it, my hands are clean.”

“So is mine.” The goat gloated.

“I don’t have time.” The hen said and cocked away.

“Wait” shouted the rat. “Our master has gone to buy a trap, I saw her, let’s discuss this before something bad happens.” He pleaded but nobody listened to her.

“I’ll be here when the trap destroys your right foot.” The cow mocked. “Let me be.” He scolded. Traps are for rats.

Unaware of what was going on among her animals, the wife set up the trap and went to bed. In the midnight, she awoke to a strange noise and decided to check, alas, her trap had caught the culprit. It was a snake.

The snake was so furious about the trap that it bit the woman before it was killed. Now the woman was hospitalized and needed medical attention. Her husband began to spend out of their savings and her condition improved slightly. The Doctor then called him and told him to get his wife a bowl of soup as she was beginning to gain an appetite. But the husband had run out of money. So, he went home and killed the hen to make chicken soup for his wife. But then, her condition became worse and they needed more money to treat her, so the husband went home and killed the goat, sold it meat by meat in order to pay his wife’s hospital bills. Eventually, the woman died.

The man now had to think of funeral expenses, the cow was used for the funeral.

Only the rat was left, wishing that the other animals had listened to him when he called their attention.

In this story is some insight I would like to share:

  1. Never think of a matter as insignificant: Perhaps if the cow, the goat, and the hen had listened when the rat raised concern over the missing food, they may have been able to see what the woman wasn’t seeing and intervened, thereby saving their lives and that of their master’s.
  2. Be open to new information: even if the information doesn’t concern us, it may be a good tip-off to someone who really needs to hear it. Take every information as a gift that you can give to help other people.
  3. Never assume: the other animals obviously think that the rat was responsible for the missing food and were all waiting to see him get caught in the trap so they could mock him. As a rule of thumb, whenever a situation is going on that you don’t understand, never assume. First, find out the facts and base your judgment on that. If you are unable to find out the facts, then don’t take any decision.
  4. Always Listen: Listening is a vital skill that can help you grow wiser. People who listen are able to gain understanding very fast than people who talk too much. Listening also helps to know the true intent of the speaker beyond what was spoken. Listening involves watching body languages such as the movement of the hands, the emotion behind the voice, the mannerism and co.

I hope that you find these lessons insightful and can begin to implement it in what you do. Can you identify other lessons from the story? Kindly comment below and we will add them.

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